"Prose Factory" in Paperback

The Times has selected D J Taylor's The Prose Factory: Literary Life in England since 1918 as one of its paperback picks of the week:

Evelyn Waugh noted in his diary: “After dinner I went to the Savoy Theatre and said, ‘I am Evelyn Waugh, please give me a seat.’ So they did.” That’s one of the many stories that can be found in this sweeping history of English literary life. It’s not heavy-going lit crit but a wide-ranging survey of how writers, publishers and reviewers made a living — and how they were regarded by each other and by the reading public. We learn about the rise of modernism, the taste-setting of the Bloomsberries, the arrival of the 1950s “new man” ... and then the young gunslingers of the 1970s and 1980s ...

See earlier posts. It is available in the UK for £12.08.

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