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Paula Byrne to Appear at Highclere and Other Waugh News

Biographer Paula Byrne (author of Mad World: Evelyn Waugh and the Secrets of Brideshead (2009)) will appear in a program entitled "Literature and Landscapes" to be held at Highclere Castle near Newbury, Berkshire, in May. The venue is better known as the … Continue reading

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Favorite Second Novels

The Royal Society of Literature is conducting a poll of UK residents to determine their favorite second novel. The competition is explained on the RSL's website:Second novels are a notorious challenge for writers. Whether their first novel was a triumph … Continue reading

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Wrong Waugh

The interactive internet site Ranker has started a new rating survey in which Evelyn Waugh is included. A previous posting has him under consideration for the rating of Best Roman Catholic Author, in which he is currently listed as #3. See previous post … Continue reading

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Decline and Fall of the Bullingdon Club

This week's Spectator has a feature article and podcast by Harry Mount on the parlous straits of Oxford's Bullingdon Club. He confesses to having been a member himself but seems open minded about its likely demise: It isn’t quite dead — but … Continue reading

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Waugh Quoted in Bruising Battle of Cardinals

A story in Catholic World Review by Edward Peters, described elsewhere as a Canon Law expert, opens with a quote from Brideshead Revisited to describe a doctrinal dispute between two Vatican officials:Evelyn Waugh’s character Charles Ryder described his friend Sebastian’s … Continue reading

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Anti-Valentine to EW from KQED

On the latest episode of The Cooler, the weekly pop-culture podcast on KQED, the theme is Valentine's Day and opens with an extended discussion of celebrity couple break-ups.  From this the commentators segue into a discussion of a letter from Evelyn Waugh … Continue reading

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News Bomb

As the concern over fake news spreads, an online newspaper in Chile has joined others in recommending Waugh's Scoop. See earlier posts. This appears in a column "VerComeryLeer [SeeEatRead]" by Miguel Ortiz in the digital journal El Definido:We are being bombarded, … Continue reading

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Waugh Watering Hole Rescued by Villagers

The Abingdon Arms in the Oxfordshire village of Beckley has been rescued by the efforts of the villagers. They have taken ownership and, according to the Oxford Times, will soon have the pub reopened for business:The Abingdon Arms is a beautiful … Continue reading

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Waugh in the News

Several papers have alluded to Evelyn Waugh or his works in recent stories:The Irish Times has an article in its "London Letter" column inspired by an interview with David Hockney in which the artist expressed his acquiescence in if not outrught support for … Continue reading

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In the Beginning was the Waugh

Journalists and bloggers are making a practice of opening stories with quotes from or cites to the works of Evelyn Waugh. Here are two notable recent examples:The Guardian in a story about today's match between England and Wales in the … Continue reading

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