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Waugh Conference at Gerald Brenan House in Malaga

The Gerald Brenan House in Malaga, Spain, has announced a one-day conference on Evelyn Waugh to take place a week from today on Friday 23 June.According to the Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia, the conference will start with a showing of the … Continue reading

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Waugh in Albania

Literary journalist and author David Pryce-Jones has written a “Letter from Albania: The Twilight of Zog” that appears in the current issue of The New Criterion. He reports on his attendance at a conference about the legacy of Communism in Albania … Continue reading

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Betjeman Interview on BBC

BBC Four has rebroadcast a TV interview of Waugh’s friend and contemporary, John Betjeman, by Michael Parkinson. The original broadcast was in November 1977, and it was Betjeman’s third and final appearance in a Parkinson interview. According to Parkinson,  Betjeman was the … Continue reading

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Ryder, the Father Figure

A literary weblog called BookerTalk has posted an article naming the 10 most loved or unloved fathers in literature. This is in observance of Father’s Day this weekend. One of those named in the unloved category is the father of Charles Ryder … Continue reading

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Brideshead Revisited x 2

A Roman Catholic magazine, the Homilitic and Pastoral Review (HPR), has published a feature length article entitled “ Sacraments in Brideshead Revisited”. The magazine is aimed at church professionals and specializes in articles on “doctrine, spiritual guidance, morality and authentic pastoral practice.” The … Continue reading

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Waugh Cited in Descriptions of Tory Meeting

Several news sources are quoting an unnamed Conservative MP who compared the recent meeting of the Party’s Parliamentary membership to a scene written by Evelyn Waugh. Sky News, for example, put it this way:In a scene one MP described as like … Continue reading

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Cyril Connolly Reconsidered

In an essay in the current TLS, Brian Dillon reconsiders the career of Waugh’s contemporary and friend Cyril Connolly. The essay is entitled “Cyril Connolly and the literature of depression” and was originally published in Dillon’s collection Essayism.  Dillon recognizes this topic is … Continue reading

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Brideshead Article Reprinted

The politically conservative journal Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture has posted a 2015 article by Roman Catholic journalist Joseph Pearce. The article, entitled “Revisiting Brideshead“, provides a concise and coherent restatement of the religious underpinnings of Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited. Particularly good, … Continue reading

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Waugh’s 1930

An anonymous Spanish-language blogger posting on picapicaweb has written a series of six brief articles tracing Evelyn Waugh’s movements in the year 1930. “Pica pica” is the scientific word for magpie, and the blogger claims to pick up those bits of information … Continue reading

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Pinfold and the Paranormal

A  blogger posting as has made a detailed analysis of Evelyn Waugh’s novel The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold and compared the hallucinations described there with those reported by victims of alleged invasive electronic surveillance. According to the blogpost, Waugh’s novel:…gives a fascinating … Continue reading

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