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Waugh and the Small, Cornered Creature (more)

In a previous post, we discussed a quote attributed to Evelyn Waugh in an unsigned Private Eye book review about a new collection of stories by James Kelman. A search turned up the quote as having first appeared in a … Continue reading

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Waugh and the Small, Cornered Creature

Private Eye (8-21 September) cites Waugh in its review (“Doesnae land”) of James Kelman’s collected stories That Was a Shiver. This comes after reminding readers that in the early 1990s Kelman was the “hippest cat on the block.” One critic … Continue reading

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Scoop Abides

The Spectator has reviewed the latest novel by Ned Beauman with a nod to Evelyn Waugh. The title of the novel (Madness is Better than Defeat) itself implies a certain amount of irony and the remote foreign setting will resonate with … Continue reading

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Telegraph Names Brideshead Among Top TV Costume Dramas

On the occasion of ITV’s announcement of a new TV adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the Daily Telegraph has produced an album from what its fashion editors consider the most sumptuous costume dramas of all time. Granada’s 1981 … Continue reading

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The Bolthole and the Beast

Both the Financial Times and the Guardian have stories this weekend based on Waugh’s writngs. They are also mentioned prominently in two Australian papers. Writing in the FT, Janan Ganesh sees what may be the passing of the middle class longing … Continue reading

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Maggs Bros Exhibit Opens Today

There are additional notices regarding the Maggs Bros. booksellers exhibit of Waugh’s graphic artwork. See previous posts. These appear on the Spectator Life and websites. The Spectator Life article also has several reproductions. The exhibit opens today, 18 July and runs through Friday, … Continue reading

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“Scoop-like” Novel Boosted

In Peter Wilby’s New Stateman column, the new novel Splash! by Stephen Glover often likened to Waugh’s Scoop has been given another boost. As explained by Wilby, Scoop: … drew on Waugh’s experience of covering Mussolini’s invasion of Abyssinia (as it … Continue reading

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Retour à l’europe moderne

Waugh’s French publisher Robert Laffont has issued a new printing of the French translation of Brideshead Revisited (Retour à Brideshead). This is a paperback as was the previous version but has a new cover with new dimensions and pagination in … Continue reading

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Waugh and Brit Grift

The online newspaper The Daily Beast (which owes its name to a fictional newspaper in Scoop) recently ran a story by James Kirchick entitled “The Brit Grifters and the Designated American Suckers.” This suggests a history of British residents whose careers have hit a wall in their … Continue reading

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Waugh in Albania

Literary journalist and author David Pryce-Jones has written a “Letter from Albania: The Twilight of Zog” that appears in the current issue of The New Criterion. He reports on his attendance at a conference about the legacy of Communism in Albania … Continue reading

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