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Waugh and The Queen Anne Press

A recent TLS article in its weekly back page NB column is devoted to the Queen Anne Press. This was written in response to the publication of a special issue of the Book Collector magazine devoted to Ian Fleming. The QAP was … Continue reading

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Penguin UK Issue TV Tie-in Edition of Decline and Fall

Penguin Books have announced the publication of a TV tie-in edition of Waugh's first novel Decline and Fall. This will be issued later this week on 23 March 2017. Aside from a cover photo of Jack Whitehall looking rather clueless in … Continue reading

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Jonkers Issue Waugh Catalogue

Jonkers Books of Henley-on-Thames have issued a 70-page illustrated catalogue exclusively devoted to books and writings by Evelyn Waugh and his friends. Here's a link to the online edition which is limited to books or other writings by Waugh or to which he … Continue reading

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Early Waugh Book on Offer

London booksellers Peter Harrington are offering an early Waugh publication from 1927. This is a collection called the Decorative Drawings of Francis Crease for which Waugh wrote the 5 page preface. This was published the year after the appearance of his … Continue reading

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Waugh Inspires High Fashion Sunglasses

Fashion designer Karen Walker has released a new line of sunglasses called Transformers. To promote the product, she has herself appeared as a model in 7 different personas, "all of which have distinct aesthetics that correspond with the varying styles … Continue reading

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Waugh-Designed Bookplate on Ebay

A book for sale on ebay contains a bookplate designed by Evelyn Waugh. The book belonged to Dudley Carew (1903-1981), Waugh's school friend from Lancing who later wrote a memoir entitled A Fragment of Friendship: Evelyn Waugh as a young man (1974). … Continue reading

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Waugh's Ear Trumpet (More)

Today's Times newspaper has published an article by David Brown providing some additional information about Waugh's ear trumpet which is to be auctioned in a few weeks' time. See earlier post:Although Waugh wielded the trumpet with relish he had admitted … Continue reading

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Waugh's Ear Trumpet on Auction

One of Waugh's ear trumpets will be auctioned on March 30 along with several books and letters from a collection which is being sold off. The auctioneer is Forum Auctions, but the catalogue is not yet available online. According to … Continue reading

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Estate of Peter Waugh to be Auctioned

An auction house in the West of England has announced the sale of artworks from the estate of the late Peter Waugh (1938-2014). Peter was the third child of Alec Waugh with his second wife Joan Chirnside. Peter's life was profiled … Continue reading

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Video Bookseller

Booksellers Peter Harrington have stepped up their promotion by showing their prize offerings on YouTube. One of their video offerings is a first edition of Waugh's 1928 novel Decline and Fall with a pristine dust wrapper. The book is presented by … Continue reading

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