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Decline and Fall of the Bullingdon Club

This week's Spectator has a feature article and podcast by Harry Mount on the parlous straits of Oxford's Bullingdon Club. He confesses to having been a member himself but seems open minded about its likely demise: It isn’t quite dead — but … Continue reading

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Waugh Watering Hole Rescued by Villagers

The Abingdon Arms in the Oxfordshire village of Beckley has been rescued by the efforts of the villagers. They have taken ownership and, according to the Oxford Times, will soon have the pub reopened for business:The Abingdon Arms is a beautiful … Continue reading

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Ducker of the Turl (More)

Another story has appeared in connection with the closure of the shoemakers Ducker and Sons in The Turl, Oxford. See earlier post. This will occur later this month according to the story in The Oxford Times. The store's ledgers are to … Continue reading

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Ronald Knox Revival

This week's issue of The Spectator reviews a new collection of Ronald Knox's works. This is entitled Ronald Knox: A Man for All Seasons and is edited by Francesca Bugliana Knox, who is related to Knox by marriage. See earlier post about … Continue reading

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Brideshead in the News: Charles, Sebastian and Celia

Jeremy Irons who portrayed Charles Ryder in the 1981 TV adaptation of Brideshead Revisited was recently appointed Chancellor of Bath Spa University. He is the first person to occupy that position and was interviewed by Times Higher Education (THE) last month:Q. … Continue reading

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Powell Society Visits Waugh's Oxford

The latest issue of the Anthony Powell Society Newsletter (No. 65, Winter 2016) is largely devoted to reports of a visit to Oxford made by its members last September. The theme was "Oxford Day Out: AP and His Chums," and inevitably … Continue reading

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David Pryce-Jones Reviews Eade Biography

David Pryce-Jones, son of author Alan Pryce-Jones who was Waugh's near contemporary at Oxford but not close friend, has reviewed Philip Eade's biography of Waugh in the National Review. He begins with an apology for having written an unfavorable review … Continue reading

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John Betjeman on Stage

A one-man stage performance of Edward Fox playing Evelyn Waugh's friend and Poet Laureate, John Betjeman, is currently touring Southern England. The play entitled "Sand in the Sandwiches" opened in Oxford last month and is reviewed in the Oxford Mail whose … Continue reading

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The Cherwell Revisits Waugh's Oxford

The Oxford student newspaper the Cherwell has an article by Altair Brandon-Salmon that compares the Oxford described by Waugh in Brideshead Revisited with that of today. He uses as his text the tutorial on Oxford manners provided to Charles Ryder by … Continue reading

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Oxford Hostelries Commemorate Waugh

According to a recent posting on travel blog  Trip Advisor, there is a hotel bedroom named for Evelyn Waugh at the Head of the River. This is a pub and  hotel located on St Aldate's at Folly Bridge in Oxford. It's … Continue reading

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