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George Smiley and Basil Seal

The Evening Standard has reviewed John Le Carre’s latest novel A Legacy of Spies in which he revives his old characters from the George Smiley novels. The reviewer David Sexton has this observation about the pitfalls of this practice: Often it … Continue reading

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Waughs and the Bat Colony

Late last month in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we posted a message about the Waugh Drive Bridge in Houston and its bat colony. Patrick Kurp, who maintains a weblog called “Anecdotal Evidence” and lives in Houston, has provided the … Continue reading

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Danish Journal Publishes Waugh Article

The Danish cultural journal Critique has published for the first time the full version of an essay on Waugh’s life and work written in 2009. This is entitled “Evelyn Waughs korstog mod moderniteten” (“Evelyn Waugh’s Crusade Against Modernity”) and is summarized … Continue reading

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The Other Decline and Fall

The Guardian has reached No. 83 in its selection of the 100 greatest non-fiction books of all time. The selection by Robert McCrum is going backwards in time so it is nearing its final stretch. This week’s column is devoted to … Continue reading

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Waugh in the Food Columns

Lisa Hilton, biographer, novelist and now food critic for Standpoint magazine, was apparently assigned to write a review of a new Italian restaurant in Covent Garden called Margot. This establishment was downgraded by some other food critics such as Jay … Continue reading

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Waugh Item Included in Vivien Leigh Sale

The Guardian has reported the sale of several items (including many books) from the estate of actress Vivien Leigh. The sale at Sotheby’s London on 26 September is occasioned by the recent death of her daughter, Suzanne Farrington. Leigh herself died … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh at the National Trust, Edinburgh Festival and Houston,TX

Evelyn Waugh is appearing all over the place in today’s media reports: In the internet newspaper iNews, there is a story about problems being rained upon the National Trust, one of Britain’s once most beloved institutions. The Trust are the stewards of … Continue reading

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Eating People is Still Wrong

Andrew Donaldson writing in his column in the South African newspaper The Weekend Argus discusses the current status of cannibalism. This article, written with tongue firmly in cheek, was inspired by recent expressions of concern among South African politicians about … Continue reading

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Waugh in Brazil and in National Review

The Milan newspaper Il Foglio carries an article in Italian by Marco Archetti about Evelyn Waugh’s 1934 travel book Ninety-Two Days. After a quote from the book and some biographical background, Archetti explains the trip to Brazil: One cannot know … Continue reading

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Scoop Abides

The Spectator has reviewed the latest novel by Ned Beauman with a nod to Evelyn Waugh. The title of the novel (Madness is Better than Defeat) itself implies a certain amount of irony and the remote foreign setting will resonate with … Continue reading

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