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Boris Johnson Wins “Pennyfeather Prize”

Michael Deacon writing in the Daily Telegraph reports on Boris Johnson’s overblown responses to parliamentary questions: …Virtually his every answer was a speech, lasting two, three, four minutes…Whether the committee found Mr Johnson’s views enlightening, I couldn’t say. But as … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Foreign Policy Expert

Foreign Minister Boris Johnson cites Evelyn Waugh in a recent speech in Sydney, Australia. In explaining the basis for Britain’s exit from the EU, he is reported as saying this: Joining ASEAN and such forums, he insisted, was far better than … Continue reading

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Mugwump Redivivus

In the present UK electoral climate, The Spectator has republished a 1959 article by Evelyn Waugh in which he expressed his views of elected governments:  ‘Mugwumps‘ are in the news today, after Boris Johnson used the term to describe Jeremy Corbyn. In the … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Winston Churchill and Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, ex-Mayor of London and gadfly without portfolio of the Conservative Party, has written a book about his hero Winston Churchill. Entitled The Churchill Factor, this was published to much acclaim in 2014 and was excerpted in the Daily Telegraph. … Continue reading

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Boris, Winston, Brendan, Rex and Waugh

In a recent Spectator blog, Nick Cohen takes Boris Johnson to task for his adoption of an exit EU strategy. Cohen sees this as nothing more than a cynical move by Boris to take over leadership of the Conservative Party. He … Continue reading

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