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Waugh and Powell in the Spectator

The Spectator has posted a podcast in which Hilary Spurling, author of the recent biography of Anthony Powell, discusses the book with Sam Leith, the Spectator’s literary editor. Near the end of the interview Spurling is comparing the lives and … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh’s Birthday 28 October 2003

Today is the 114th anniversary of Evelyn Waugh’s birthday. This has been announced in several news sites that track this sort of thing. Perhaps not coincidently, the Guardian has chosen this date to report that Waugh’s grandson, Alexander, will announce … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Visit to May Morris

The recent discovery of the journals of May Morris, daughter of the more famous William, has inspired an exhibit devoted to her life and works. The journals reportedly reveal that she was responsible for many of the creative designs that … Continue reading

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Another Lygon and More Bridesheads

The Daily Mail has an article about a recently pubished diary kept by two early women undergraduates at St Hugh’s College, Oxford: Dorothy Hammonds and Margaret Mowll. Their diary starts in 1905 and describes the restricted lives of the Oxford … Continue reading

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Handful, Oxford and North End Road

Author Gill Hornby in her Daily Mail column takes up the literary genre of expat novels. This is in response to two of her children expatriating themselves: We Brits didn’t only build the model for expat life, we’ve also provided its … Continue reading

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Alec Waugh Remembered

The current issue of The Oldie has a memoir by Alexander Waugh of his Uncle Alec. He was known in the family as “Uncle Sex” and the memoir is written on the 100th anniversary of the publication of his novel … Continue reading

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The Bolthole and the Beast

Both the Financial Times and the Guardian have stories this weekend based on Waugh’s writngs. They are also mentioned prominently in two Australian papers. Writing in the FT, Janan Ganesh sees what may be the passing of the middle class longing … Continue reading

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Waugh and the New Perfumes

As reported in the Daily Mail, a new line of perfumes is being marketed by a company called Deco London. According to their Creative Director, Sophie Fannon-Howell: Her six Eau de Parfums capture the elegance, glamour and frivolity of the Roaring Twenties, … Continue reading

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Eade Biography Paperback Available in UK

Philip Eade’s biography of Evelyn Waugh has been issued in paperback in the UK by publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson. The recommended price is  £10.99 (Amazon.co.uk £10.68). The Daily Mail has a brief review by Jane Shilling in its Must Reads column that concludes: … Continue reading

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Waugh and the Hendon Nudists

An article appears in the Londonist (an online magazine devoted to local news about London, past and present) relating to  a 1930 incident when a group of nudists chose to sunbathe unclothed at a Hendon lake called the Welsh Harp.  This was … Continue reading

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