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Trump, Harry Potter, and Waugh

Sonny Bunch writing in the Washington Post has noticed that opponents of Donald Trump seem to have become fixated on the literary world created by the Harry Potter novels. After Trump’s election: the Potternistas gnashed their teeth and rent their garments, … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, Pope Francis and Rex Mottram in Vanity Fair

Paul Elie, “pontificating” (his pun) in Vanity Fair magazine, writes of the possible results of this week’s meeting between Donald Trump and Pope Francis. He begins by comparing their respective elections: How strange is this: a group of 115 unelected celibate men … Continue reading

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Rex Mottram = Donald Trump?

Rex Mottram in Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited has enjoyed something of a renaissance lately, as witnessed in several of our recent postings. George Weigel, writing in the National Review, may have hit upon the reason for this. He reminds people of Donald Trump. According … Continue reading

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