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New Edition of Lady Chatterley Reviewed

Peter Hitchens has revisited the 1960 obscenity trial of D H Lawrence’s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover. This is in response to the reissuance of the novel by Macmillan in a new “deluxe” edition. The review appears in the religion and … Continue reading

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Simon Schama’s Guilty Pleasure

Historian, author and TV presenter Prof Simon Schama is interviewed by The Book Report column of the Toronto Globe and Mail. After identifying Tolstoy’s War and Peace as the book he has most reread (not too surprising for a historian), … Continue reading

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Waugh: Letter Writing, Divorce Reform, and Wadham College

The nondenominational religious journal First Things has an article about what is seen as the dying art of letter writing. This is written by R E Colombini and entitled “So Long, Age of Letters”. He uses as a case study … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Twofer in First Things

There are two articles on Waugh in the recent print and digital editions of First Things, a nondenominational religious journal. The first is a long essay on Waugh’s work and religion by Paul V Mankowski, SJ that is combined with a … Continue reading

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Ronald Knox, Prose Stylist

In a review of the recent collection of articles Ronald Knox, A Man for All Seasons (see earlier post), Washington journalist Matthew Walther declares Knox to be the greatest English prose stylist of his time (P G Wodehouse excepted). Several … Continue reading

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Meditation from Brideshead

George Weigel, author of the recent National Review article linking Rex Mottram and Donald Trump, has posted some thoughts inspired by a Lenten project involving his rewatching of the 1981 Granada TV series of Brideshead Revisited:  During Lent, I’ve been rewatching … Continue reading

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Guy Crouchback’s Religion Featured in Article

The online edition of First Things, a Roman Catholic journal on religion and public life, has published an article, Catholicism Before and After 1963: Two Novels, by Gerald Russello in which he contrasts the impact of religion on the character … Continue reading

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