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“Night and Day”– A Londoner’s “New Yorker”

Literary critic and journalist Terry Teachout has written an article in the Wall Street Journal about the short-lived magazine Night and Day. This is entitled “The Magazine Shirley Temple Shut Down”. According to Teachout: The New Yorker has been around … Continue reading

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Cecil Beaton Film and Graham Greene Radio Drama

The director of a new documentary film about Cecil Beaton discusses his life in an article in The Times: “The dark side of Cecil Beaton.” This is Lisa Immordino Vreeland and her film is entitled Love, Cecil. Here’s an excerpt … Continue reading

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Waugh and the Honours List

Twice a year (on the Queen’s Birthday and New Years) the London papers can be expected to drag out their list of those who in the past have rejected honours offered them just as the papers announce the latest list of … Continue reading

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Anniversary of Waugh’s Death Marked by BBC

BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4 have marked the anniversary of Evelyn Waugh’s death, which occurred on 10 April 1966, with the posting of a 1979 Radio 3 interview of Graham Greene. Greene explained that the two authors’ deaths that had most … Continue reading

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Waugh in the Papers

There are references to Waugh and his works in several major newspapers. In The Weekend Australian, an article in their opinion section urged Brits, Yanks and Aussies to stop blaming voters they view as irredeemably dim for results such as Brexit, Trump and, in … Continue reading

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Death Comes for the Comic Novelist

The interactive website Ranker has set up a listing that describes 13 celebrities who died on the toilet. This seemingly tasteless and pointless compilation by Carly Silver is part of Ranker’s subject category entitled “Celebrity Deaths.” Most of the deaths listed are of historical figures, … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh and the “Catholic Novel”

A blogger writing as Tychy has posted an article billed as a review of Graham Greene’s 1938 novel Brighton Rock but is really an essay on Greene’s writing as a Roman Catholic novelist. The blogger (a non-catholic) begins by comparing Greene’s … Continue reading

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Brideshead and Silence

Japanese author Shusaku Endo, a Roman Catholic, wrote a novel entitled Silence (1966) that has recently been adapted into a film by Martin Scorsese. The book seems generally to be considered Endo’s masterpiece. The story is about Jesuit missionaries sent out in the 16th century … Continue reading

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Graham Greene and Helena

Peter Harrington Books has posted a long list of Waugh rare and first editions which includes several items of interest. A “featured” item is an uncorrected proof of Brideshead Revisited (estimate £15,000). This is not one of the 50 presentation copies, but … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Secret Agent?

There have been two articles posted within the last month which suggest that Evelyn Waugh was, along with other writers of his generation, at some time during his career in the employ of the secret intelligence services. The first, written … Continue reading

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