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Waugh and Anthony Powell (More)

Waugh’s influence is prominently mentioned in a review in this week’s Die Tagespost, a German language paper sponsored by the Roman Catholic church. The review is by Urs Buhlmann and the book is Powell’s novel The Soldier’s Art which has been … Continue reading

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Evil Genius on BBC Podcast

BBC has signed comedian and Evelyn Waugh fan Russell Kane do a series of podcasts on the theme of the Evil Genius. In this, he will trace characters through history who have been geniuses but who have also done horrible … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Brexiteer?

In an article in the “pro-market” website Reaction, Alastair Benn considers why more artists do not support Britain’s exit from the EU. When he reviews where today’s writers come out on this subject, Evelyn Waugh’s name comes up: Although it might … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: French Connections

In a Times review of  Nina Caplan’s new book The Wandering Vine: Wine, the Romans and Me, reviewer Michael Henderson includes this as his opening: “O for a beaker full of the warm south!” Keats, who died in Rome, gave … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Oxford Reviewed in Times; “The Scarlet Woman” Online

The Times is the first paper to review the new book Evelyn Waugh’s Oxford to be published by the Bodleian Library later this month. The book is by Dr Barbara Cooke who is Co-Executive Editor of OUP’s Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh … Continue reading

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Henry Green, Enthusiasms, Tammy Faye, and Clarissa

The attempted revival of Henry Green’s works and reputation marches ever onward. The latest contribution is an article by Dominic Green (no likely relationship since Henry’s family name was Yorke) in the New Criterion. Green makes the case that Yorke … Continue reading

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Waugh as Biographer, Up to a Point

In this week’s Spectator, the lead book review (“Biography is a thoroughly reprehensible genre”) is by Roger Lewis. In this, he describes a book by James Atlas entitled The Shadow in the Garden: A Biographer’s Tale. Atlas is a literary … Continue reading

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Greatest Writer of “Our” Generation ?

Literary critic, novelist and publisher Dr Stoddard Martin has written a review of Philip Eade’s biography which he turns into an assessment of Evelyn Waugh’s career and legacy. This is entitled “Class Act” and appears in The Quarterly Review, an … Continue reading

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Roundup: From Seven Deadly Sins to Four Brandy Alexanders

–The Spanish newspaper El Mundo has a story about the career of novelist Ian Fleming, best known for his James Bond novels and films. This begins with a discussion of Fleming’s less well-known role as International Editor of The Sunday … Continue reading

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Naim Attallah Interviews Harold Acton

Writer and publisher Naim Attallah has posted on his weblog what looks like the complete text of his interview of Harold Acton in 1990. This was only a few years before Acton’s death in 1994. Acton and Waugh were friends … Continue reading

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