Round Britain Quiz

Remember the difference between standard American and English cryptic crosswords? For the answer “dumb,” an American crossword might provide the clue, “Unable to speak,” whereas an English one would say, “Unspeakably stupid.” If you like your crossword clues a little crooked like that, you’ll like Round Britain Quiz.

The BBC describes Round Britain Quiz, which has been broadcast on BBC Radio since 1947, as “[r]adio’s most fiendish quiz, with cryptic questions drawing on unpredictable fields of knowledge.” The latest episode (Sept. 30th) features a question involving Evelyn Waugh.

That’s a pretty weak hook upon which to hang an EW News posting, but if you aren’t familiar with the program do please give it a try. It presents intellectually demanding questions in a cryptic and entertaining way that Americans in particular will find unusual.

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