Alexander Waugh US lecture tour in March

Alexander Waugh will give several public lectures on the subject of “Evelyn Waugh and the Question of Inheritance” during his visit to the United States this March. The lectures will be at the Evelyn Waugh Conference at Loyola Notre Dame Library in Baltimore on March 12th, Georgetown University Library in Washington D.C. on March 19th, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on March 22nd. Information about additional appearances, if any, will be posted here when received.

In “Evelyn Waugh and the Question of Inheritance,” Alexander Waugh will discuss his career as an acclaimed biographer of his own family (Fathers and Sons: The Autobiography of a Family) and that of the family of Ludwig Wittgenstein (The House of Wittgenstein: A Family at War), and his experience editing the works of his grandfather Evelyn Waugh for a 21st century audience.

Waugh enthusiasts will be intrigued to learn that, according to some advance publicity for the lectures, “[Alexander] will reveal hitherto undisclosed facts about the life and works of Evelyn Waugh, garnered over many years of searching for lost and hidden letters.”

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