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A Visit to Burgh House Exhibit: Evelyn Waugh and Basil Bourchier

Milena Borden has kindly sent this report of her visit to a Waugh-related exhibit in North London which was mentioned in a previous post: Closing this Sunday, the exhibition A Totally Preposterous Parson: Evelyn Waugh and Basil Bourchier is displayed in … Continue reading

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Amazon to Screen Thorpe Scandal Series in USA will screen the BBC TV series A Very English Scandal in the USA on its Amazon Prime streaming service later this month. In fact, it appears that episode 1 may be already be available to view as a bonus feature in … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh at the Hay Festival

An article in Vanity Fair describes an event at this year’s Literary Festival in Hay-on-Wye that featured a reading from a work of Evelyn Waugh. So far as appeared from the schedule, there were no events in which a Waugh … Continue reading

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“Waugh, Auberon, Dog Lovers Party…”

In the final episode last night on BBC1 of A Very English Scandal, Auberon Waugh does make a very brief appearance, as promised by the excellent background article in Radio Times. This occurs in a re-enactment of the announcement of … Continue reading

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Update: Thorpe Scandal Discussed in The Oldie

Milena Borden files this report from London relating to an article by Alexander Waugh in the latest issue of The Oldie: “Rinka’s Revenge: When Auberon Waugh fought Jeremy Thorpe in the 1979 election, he honoured a family love of dogs, says his … Continue reading

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Special Thorpe Trial Bonus Tonite on BBC4

Following tonight’s broadcast on BBC1 of the final episode of the docudrama relating to the Jeremy Thorpe scandal (A Very English Scandal), BBC4 will broadcast a previously suppressed Panorama episode relating to the trial. According to the BBC’s website: In … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Venues: Chagford and Beckley

Two of Waugh’s favorite writing venues have recently been in the news. An article on the Easton Court Hotel in Chagford, South Devon, was recently posted on the website This begins with a description of  the facilities in wartime … Continue reading

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Updates: Brideshead Tonite

The Daily Telegraph offers this rather downbeat description in its TV schedules of the 2008 Brideshead Revisited film adaptation: In the light of the 1981 TV version of Evelyn Waugh’s novel, you do have to admire the chutzpah of anyone else giving … Continue reading

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Five Books (more)

Reader Dave Lull has done some additional research in the archives of the Five Books interviews and came up with a July 2012 interview with Waugh biographer Selina Hastings. See previous post. She was asked about books relating to Waugh … Continue reading

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Roundup: Picture This

A remarkable photo of Evelyn Waugh has been posted on the men’s clothing website Voxsartoria. This is from 1950, although the name of the photographer is not given. What is most noticeable about the photo is the lighting on the … Continue reading

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