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Pretty Penguins All in a Row

Duncan McLaren has undertaken a new project. This will eventually be a collection of all Penguin covers of Waugh’s books to be posted on his website. He has already posted two and they are well worth a look. Since Penguin … Continue reading

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Others in Abyssinia

Duncan McLaren has posted a new chapter (“In Search of Scoop”) on his website relating to Waugh’s second trip to Abyssinia in 1935. This is based on the book Waugh in Abyssinia but is supplemented by the writings of three … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh: The Restless Years

Duncan McLaren has embarked on a new chapter in his online history of Waugh. This is the period of 1930-37 between the breakup of his first marriage and the celebration of his second. He has posted the first installment, as … Continue reading

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Crut(t)well Redux

Duncan McLaren continues his project of including on his website essays about Waugh’s close associates. In this latest entry he traces Waugh’s relationship with his history tutor and Dean of his college C R M F Cruttwell. The first half … Continue reading

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Details Released of Waugh Event at Chipping Campden Festival

The Chipping Campden Literary Festival to be held in May has released more details of its event entitled “Scoop: We Need to Talk About Evelyn”. This is scheduled for Friday, 10 May at 830pm in the Chipping Campden School Hall. … Continue reading

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Roundup: The Walrus and the Waugh Scholars

–Duncan McLaren has added a new article to his Evelyn Waugh website relating to three of the first volumes of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh: Precocious Waughs (v.30), Essays, Articles and Reviews 1922-1934 (v.26), and A Little Learning (v.19). He … Continue reading

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Officers Among the Islands

Duncan McLaren continues his visits to locations associated with what he calls Evelyn Waugh’s Piers Court years. The first of these is “An Arsonist’s Progress” which explores the evolution of what became Waugh’s story Love Among the Ruins. This began … Continue reading

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More from Duncan McLaren

Duncan McLaren has recently added new postings about Waugh and his work to his website. The latest is entitled Men at War (2) and deals with the major portion of that novel that revolves around Guy Crouchback’s (and Waugh’s) early … Continue reading

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Waugh, The Royal Academy and Charles Spencelayh

Duncan McLaren has posted a new article on his website addressing Evelyn Waugh’s admiration of the works of the painter Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958). The paintings of Spencelayh were regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy, and the artist was an active … Continue reading

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Waugh and Modernism: Picasso

Duncan McLaren has now added the second part of his posting relating to Waugh and Modernism. The first was posted several days ago and related to Waugh and Gertrude Stein. The new one deals with Waugh and Pablo Picasso. This … Continue reading

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