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Waugh on BBC Radio 4 Great Lives

The BBC Radio 4 episode of its “Great Lives” series is now available to monitor on BBC iPlayer. Presenter Matthew Parris spent most most of the broadcast baiting panelists Russell Kane and Anne Pasternak Slater by citing examples of Waugh’s … Continue reading

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Music of Time

The BBC has undertaken a review of classical music composed in the years 1918-2018. This is entitled “Our Classical Century” and includes recorded performances and commentary on both television (BBC4) and radio (BBC Radio 3). Selections will also be featured … Continue reading

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Roundup: Black Shorts and Literate Oenophiles

–Writing in America: The Jesuit Review, Rob Weinert-Kendt, journalist and editor of the American Theatre magazine, recalls how his life has been shaped by his reading and viewing of Brideshead Revisited as a teenager. He begins by putting the story … Continue reading

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Waugh Event at Gloucestershire Festival

The Chipping Campden Literary Festival has issued preliminary information about its 2019 program. This is scheduled for 7-11 May 2019 and will include an event on 10 May entitled “Scoop: We Need to Talk About Waugh”. This will be presented … Continue reading

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Tatler Reopens U/Non-U Debate

A recent feature article in Tatler magazine reopens the ever popular discussion of English social class markers usually referred to as the U/Non-U debate originally sparked by an article by Nancy Mitford. This latest discussion is by Matthew Bell. Here … Continue reading

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Pasternak Slater Book Now in Paperback

The Liverpool University Press has announced the issuance of the paperback edition of the book Evelyn Waugh (Writers and their Work). This is by Ann Pasternak Slater and was originally published in a hardback edition in 2016. It was then … Continue reading

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Sunday Roundup: from Rails to Balls

–The new railroad line from Djibouti to Addis Ababa is featured in a recent illustrated story in the Irish Times. This project was financed by the Chinese and was placed into full operation earlier this year. The service is now … Continue reading

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Waugh in Italy

Milena Borden has kindly sent along this report of the recent Waugh seminar in Milan: On 17 November, at the British Council in Milan, a seminar “A Waugh Fest” took place. It was sponsored by BookCity, Milan University and the … Continue reading

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Gabbitas & Waugh

The educational consultants known as Gabbitas have included the following historical description in their internet prospectus: Gabbitas has been involved with Independent Education for over 145 years. We have helped with the education of the British royal family, crowned heads … Continue reading

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Midweek Roundup

–The New York Times reviews a new book about Los Angeles. This is David Kipen’s anthology, Dear Los Angeles: The City in Diaries and Letters, 1542 to 2018. According to the review this isn’t exactly a “rescue mission” for the much … Continue reading

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