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Presidents Day Roundup

–An article in the current issue of Prospect Magazine wonders when contemporary writers will learn how to successfully incorporate text messages into fiction narratives. By way of background, the article by Jemma Slingo explains how Evelyn Waugh pioneered the technique … Continue reading

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Lecture on Tom Burns at LSE

LSE has announced a lecture next Thursday (21 February) on the subject of Tom Burns’ WWII espionage career in Spain. His connection with Evelyn Waugh is mentioned in the announcement: In 1940, Tom Burns, a young British Catholic publisher and friend … Continue reading

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J B Priestley Revival?

The New Statesman has a feature article this week promoting a revival of novelist and playwright J B Priestley. This is by Michael Henderson who writes that Priestley has fallen out of fashion along with such other formerly popular writers … Continue reading

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Auberon (More)

The Oldie magazine continues its reposting of Auberon Waugh’s “Rage” columns from its early issues. The latest relates to his thoughts on “Yoof” culture of the 1990s.  Here’s a sample: Nothing will be solved by giving them more money, nor … Continue reading

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Midwinter Roundup

–One of our readers Bruce Gaston contributed this item: Early every morning on BBC Radio 4 there is a short item called “Tweet  of the Day”, which is actually about birdsong. Today’s bird was the  Great Crested Grebe. The continuity … Continue reading

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Waugh’s “Hungry Novels” in TLS

Literary journalist and critic Laura Freeman writes in this week’s TLS of a subgenre she defines as the “hungry novels” which flourished in the 1940s-50s. Her essay opens with an extended reference to the scene in Brideshead Revisited where Waugh … Continue reading

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Waugh and the Black Madonna

The website of Campion Hall, Oxford has posted an article by art historian Jane Stevenson about an Ethiopian icon of the Madonna hanging in its collections. She also explains the difference between Ethiopian Christian depictions of the subject and those … Continue reading

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New German Edition of Remote People Reviewed

A review of the 2018 German edition of Waugh’s Remote People is published in this month’s online issue of The German title is Expeditionen eines englischen Gentleman, literally “Expeditions of an English Gentleman”. This review  is by Sylvia Heudecker who … Continue reading

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Folio Society Profiles Waugh Illustrators

On its website, the Folio Society has profiled the illustrators of four Waugh novels. These are newly issued or reissued in special Folio Society editions and are all currently available for sale through links in the article: Vile Bodies is … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Roundup

–Columnist John Derbyshire has posted a story in his “Derb’s January Diary” column on the anti-immigrant website Vdare that may start another debate like U/Non-U pronunciation or George and Ira Gershwin’s line “You say tomato, and I say tomahto”. Derbyshire, … Continue reading

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