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Mid-Month Roundup: Schoolroom Confusion

Our latest roundup starts with references to Waugh’s school days and ends with the 1970s Penguin reprints: —The Independent newspaper has published a list of what it considers the Top 10 examples of celebrities overlapping at the same school. Private … Continue reading

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Waugh, The Royal Academy and Charles Spencelayh

Duncan McLaren has posted a new article on his website addressing Evelyn Waugh’s admiration of the works of the painter Charles Spencelayh (1865-1958). The paintings of Spencelayh were regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy, and the artist was an active … Continue reading

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Roundup: Hat Trick in The Spectator

There is a diverse assortment of cites to Waugh’s works this week, with The Spectator scoring a hat trick in its various editions: —The Spectator has a review of a new book that attacks “modernist” architecture. The book is entitled … Continue reading

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Faringdon Auction Includes Waugh Portrait (Update)

In an earlier post, we described a portrait of Evelyn Waugh as a child that was the subject of an auction sale. This included several items from the Faringdon Estate, former home of Lord Berners and his heir Robert Heber-Percy. … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Oxford (more)

The TLS has a review by Miranda Seymour of Barbara’s Cooke’s book Evelyn Waugh’s Oxford. It opens with a discussion of Waugh’s drawing of Harold Acton on the back flap of the dustwrapper (also p. 25) and continues: Barbara Cooke’s … Continue reading

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Take in One Flag, Put Out More

A political dispute in Kansas inspired a reader of the Lawrence Journal-World to submit this letter citing Evelyn Waugh: The governor’s response to the flag controversy — to put more flags on display around the Statehouse in Topeka — brings … Continue reading

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Waugh: Letter and Portrait

A letter from Evelyn Waugh to Hugh Heckstall-Smith was auctioned earlier this week. A copy is still posted on the internet. The year is missing from the date but it is sent from Combe Florey so would have been sent … Continue reading

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Vile Parties

The website Londonist has published an artcle on “6 Debauched Parties We Wish We’d Been Invited To”. These are all from the Bright Young People days that were described in Waugh’s novel Vile Bodies. There is one which involved Waugh … Continue reading

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Waugh and Modernism: Picasso

Duncan McLaren has now added the second part of his posting relating to Waugh and Modernism. The first was posted several days ago and related to Waugh and Gertrude Stein. The new one deals with Waugh and Pablo Picasso. This … Continue reading

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Roundup: Picture This

A remarkable photo of Evelyn Waugh has been posted on the men’s clothing website Voxsartoria. This is from 1950, although the name of the photographer is not given. What is most noticeable about the photo is the lighting on the … Continue reading

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