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Roundup: Ethics, Mimics and Graves

–The Minneapolis StarTribune posts a story about ethics in journalism built around a brief description of Waugh’s novel Scoop: …As serious as the news is, a few laughs can’t hurt. You’re in for a lot of laughs in the 1938 … Continue reading

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Pinfold’s Voices

Yuexi Liu has written an essay on Waugh’s 1957 novel The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold. This is included in the latest issue of Modernist Cultures (No. 15/2, 2020) published by the Edinburgh University Press. Here is the abstract: Waugh’s last … Continue reading

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“Helena” Memoir in The Tablet

The current issue of The Tablet has what is essentially a memoir by Sara Haslam of her experiences in editing Waugh’s novel Helena. The book was published earlier this month in the UK and will be published in early January … Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday/Armistice Day Roundup

–In another article about the proposed new Brideshead TV series, Alexander Larman wonders whether there might not be more deserving works of Waugh for adaptation. This is published in the latest issue of The Critic. After noting that it will … Continue reading

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Memoir of “The Loot”

David Platzer has written a memoir of his acquaintanceship with Stuart Preston who was well known during his military service days among Waugh and his friends in WWII London. The memoir, entitled “A Sergeant Abroad”, appears in the latest issue … Continue reading

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A Biography and A Portrait

–Waugh scholar and EW Society member Ann Pasternak Slater has written a new book relating to a writer Waugh admired but knew only slightly. This is a biography of T S Eliot’s wife Vivien. The book is reviewed by Brian … Continue reading

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Rosalind Morrison (More)

The Australian literary magazine Quadrant has posted a story by Mark McGinness which provides more details about the life of Rosalind Morrison who died recently at the age of 74. See previous post. He explains among other things her connection … Continue reading

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Deal on New Brideshead Series Reported Imminent

It has been reported in the Daily Mail, Radio Times and Deadline that a deal on a new Brideshead Revisited TV series by the BBC and HBO is imminent. Here’s the story as reported in Tatler: 2020 marks the 75th … Continue reading

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Election Week Roundup: A Journalistic Memoir and A Belated Review

–Foreign correspondent Robert Fisk has died at the age of 74. The New York Times  describes his career in their obituary: “Robert Fisk, a dauntless journalist who was widely praised by colleagues and competitors alike for relentlessly chronicling the Middle … Continue reading

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Italian Biographical Sketch of Waugh

The Italian online religious journal Radio Spada has published a feature-length illustrated article containing a thumbnail biography of Evelyn Waugh. This is by Luca Fumagalli who frequently writes on English literary subjects generally and Waugh specifically in that paper. The … Continue reading

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