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J B Priestley Revival?

The New Statesman has a feature article this week promoting a revival of novelist and playwright J B Priestley. This is by Michael Henderson who writes that Priestley has fallen out of fashion along with such other formerly popular writers … Continue reading

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Roundup: Whigs, Scribblers, Converts and Teddy Bears

–In a recent Wall Street Journal there is a review of a new book by Jeremy Black  entitled Charting the Past. This is a consideration of English history as described by historians of the 18th Century. It begins with this quote … Continue reading

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Gabbitas & Waugh

The educational consultants known as Gabbitas have included the following historical description in their internet prospectus: Gabbitas has been involved with Independent Education for over 145 years. We have helped with the education of the British royal family, crowned heads … Continue reading

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Literary Reputations in the Brexit Era

The Spectator has a review by Rod Liddle of the play People Like Us at the Union Theater in South London. It is written by Julie Burchill and Jane Robins and relates to a North London book group that is … Continue reading

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Mid-Month Roundup: Schoolroom Confusion

Our latest roundup starts with references to Waugh’s school days and ends with the 1970s Penguin reprints: —The Independent newspaper has published a list of what it considers the Top 10 examples of celebrities overlapping at the same school. Private … Continue reading

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Roundup: Hat Trick in The Spectator

There is a diverse assortment of cites to Waugh’s works this week, with The Spectator scoring a hat trick in its various editions: —The Spectator has a review of a new book that attacks “modernist” architecture. The book is entitled … Continue reading

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Roundup: Orphans and Entrecote

This week’s roundup relates mostly to books and book reviews: –In reviewing the book Orphans: A History by Jeremy Seabrook in The Spectator, novelist Philip Hensher considers several eaxmples of how orphans have been treated in literature by various authors, … Continue reading

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Downside’s Future Threatened (Updated)

The current issue of The Spectator has an article about the future of the two remaining Benedictine order public schools in Britain. These are Ampleforth in North Yorkshire and Downside in Somerset. A combination of falling enrollments (Roman Catholics are … Continue reading

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Waugh and Brexit (more)

Waugh gets several mentions in the weeklies in connection with the Brexit debate. Two of these relate to Tory politician Jacob Rees-Mogg, a leading proponent of Brexit. These are based on Dominic Green’s interview of Rees-Mogg for The Weekly Standard on … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: From Germany to Mayfair

Waugh’s 1931 travel book Remote People is receivng more attention in Germany. This may be due to the issuance of a new edition of the full German translation that was originally published in 2007. In a Deutchlandfunk radio broadcast (or … Continue reading

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