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Waugh and Norman Mailer: “The Naked and the Read”

This week’s TLS has an article (“The Naked and the Read”) about Norman Mailer’s library. This is by J Michael Lennon, Mailer’s archivist and authorized biographer. Mailer seems to have been a book accumulator rather than a book collector like … Continue reading

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Evil Genius on BBC Podcast

BBC has signed comedian and Evelyn Waugh fan Russell Kane do a series of podcasts on the theme of the Evil Genius. In this, he will trace characters through history who have been geniuses but who have also done horrible … Continue reading

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Céline, Muriel Spark and Lloyd Cole

Frederic Raphael is still best known for the TV adaptation of his own 1976 novel The Glittering Prizes, which is often compared with Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited. Indeed, it is not too much to say that the popular and critical success … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup–Friends at a Distance: Mitford/Waugh Letters

An article on the books blog The Captive Reader is effectively a new review of The Letters of Nancy Mitford & Evelyn Waugh first published in 1996. This is written by “Claire of Vancouver” and opens with this: Mitford and … Continue reading

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Waugh Recommendation Resurfaces

An article posted on the booksblog The Literary Sisters recommends a 1953 novel which Evelyn Waugh had selected as a “best first novel” for 1953 in The Sunday Times: A largely forgotten novel now, Hugo Charteris’ A Share of the … Continue reading

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Waugh and the Country House (more)

Evelyn Waugh’s biographer Paula Byrne has reviewed the book House of Fiction by Phyllis Richardson in the current TLS. This book has been mentioned in several recent posts but Byrne focuses more closely on Richardson’s descriptions of Evelyn Waugh’s relations … Continue reading

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The Fruit of Whispering Glades

The TLS has published an article marking the centenary of the birth of Jessica Mitford, sister of Waugh’s friends Nancy, Diana and Deborah. The story (“Happy 100th Birthday, Decca”) is by Mark McGinness who has also recently written about Waugh … Continue reading

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Leigh Fermor Novel Reprinted

New York Review Books has republished the only novel of Patrick Leigh Fermor. This was originally published in 1953 and was entitled The Violins of Saint Jacques. It is about a fictional Caribbean island where a volcano erupts and disrupts … Continue reading

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POMF and the ISBN

An article in the TLS discusses the history of the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which appears on the copyright page of all books. According to Adrian Tahourdin, this was introduced in the late 1960s and became more important after computers … Continue reading

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Waugh and Wales and Fashion

A recent article in the TLS entitled “Do the Welsh Just Sing?” by Samuel Graydon opens with a quote from Decline and Fall: “The Welsh . . . are the only nation in the world that has produced no graphic or … Continue reading

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