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Tom Wolfe 1930-2018

American novelist, Tom Wolfe, died earlier this week. He will probably be best remembered for his innovative journalism of the 1960s, 70s and 80s but he also branched into fiction with a satirical novel, The Bonfire of the Vanities, in … Continue reading

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Early TV Adaptations: Vile Bodies and Put Out More Flags

IMDB recently updated the archival information in its database relating to two little-known BBC TV adaptations of Waugh’s works from 1970. These are Vile Bodies  and Put Out More Flags. Both were 90-minute productions on BBC2, but some archival information … Continue reading

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Roundup: Eating with Waugh

The Daily Telegraph has a profile of the London fish restaurant Wilton’s on Jermyn Street in St James’s. It is to fish what Rules is to meat, and Waugh is associated with both of them. According to the Telegraph: The … Continue reading

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Waugh Story on Sunday Times List

On the occasion of announcing the winner of the Sunday Times EFG short story award, the paper has issued a list of the 100 best short stories. These are selected by 9 Sunday Times “culture writers” who are named at … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: Waugh in the Book Reviews

The Daily Telegraph reviews a book by Julie Summers entitled Our Uninvited Guests about the wartime use of British country houses to shelter evacuated refugees from the bombed out cities or provide military bases. The review is by Robert Leigh-Pemberton … Continue reading

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Alec Waugh, Art Collector

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph profiled a little known artist named Cedric Morris (1889-1982) whose paintings seem to be enjoying a renewal of interest. The article in the Telegraph’s “Luxury: Art” column is by Colin Gleadell and explains that … Continue reading

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Faringdon Auction Includes Waugh Portrait

Christie’s has announced a sale later this month that will include several items from the interior of Faringdon House, the former residence of Waugh’s friend Lord Berners. Among the items are a number of paintings and drawings by Lord Berners … Continue reading

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Dramatist of WWII Yugoslavia Profiled

The Islington Tribune has published a profile of playwright James Hugh Macdonald. He has written a play called Happy Warriors based on the experience of Evelyn Waugh and Randolph Churchill in wartime Yugoslavia. (See previous posts.): James Hugh Macdonald, a … Continue reading

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Henry Green, Enthusiasms, Tammy Faye, and Clarissa

The attempted revival of Henry Green’s works and reputation marches ever onward. The latest contribution is an article by Dominic Green (no likely relationship since Henry’s family name was Yorke) in the New Criterion. Green makes the case that Yorke … Continue reading

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A Handful of Hard Cheese

Michael Deacon writing in the Daily Telegraph finds echoes of Waugh in a recent story. This involves the rescue of TV presenter and explorer Benedict Allen from the jumgles of Papua New Guinea into which he had disappeared. Deacon is: … Continue reading

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