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Roundup: Witchcraft and Victory

–The Daily Telegraph reviews a new history of witchcraft since 1800 entitled Cursed Britain by Thomas Waters. The review is by Robert Leigh-Pemberton and opens with this: The “Swahili witch doctor”, installed in rooms “off the Edgware Road” by the … Continue reading

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A Waugh Pilgrimage in The Spectator

This week’s “Low Life” column in The Spectator describes a Waugh-themed literary/artistic pilgrimage in Wiltshire and Dorset. This is by Jeremy Clarke who starts with an Augustus John exhibit in Salisbury before proceeding to the Henry Lamb exhibit in Poole. … Continue reading

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The Oldie Does Auberon

The Oldie has been running on its weblog a series of excerpts of Auberon Waugh’s Rage columns from its early issues. The latest posting from 1995 deals with aging and is one of the better ones to surface. He begins … Continue reading

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One Humorist Reviews Another

Craig Brown writing in this week’s Mail on Sunday offers an article that is more in praise of Auberon Waugh as a humorist than it is of the recent collection of his writings. Brown begins with his assessment of Auberon’s … Continue reading

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Auberon Waugh (More)

Additional reviews of the new collection of Auberon Waugh’s writings (A Scribbler in Soho) are becoming available. The book was released earlier this week. Prof John Carey writing in the latest edition of the Sunday Times describes the contents as … Continue reading

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Early September Roundup

There is a diverse field of material covered in this latest roundup gathered from the last two weeks: —Quadrant Magazine, an Australian cultural journal, carries on its website a droll pleading (tongue lodged in cheek) from Tony Thomas that Decline … Continue reading

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Vile Parties

The website Londonist has published an artcle on “6 Debauched Parties We Wish We’d Been Invited To”. These are all from the Bright Young People days that were described in Waugh’s novel Vile Bodies. There is one which involved Waugh … Continue reading

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Exploding Scotland

In a post on the website, Dr Robert Hickson offers another in his series of annotated Evelyn Waugh passages. In this case he posts a copy of Waugh’s 1942 letter to his wife about the demolition of Lord Glasgow’s … Continue reading

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Brideshead at the Mille Miglia

Columnist and humorist writing as Don Alphonso reports in the weblog of the German paper Der Welt about his visit to this year’s Mille Miglia Storica event in Italy. This is an annual vintage car rally based on an auto … Continue reading

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Tom Wolfe 1930-2018

American novelist, Tom Wolfe, died earlier this week. He will probably be best remembered for his innovative journalism of the 1960s, 70s and 80s but he also branched into fiction with a satirical novel, The Bonfire of the Vanities, in … Continue reading

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