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4th of July Roundup

–It is reported in antiquestradegazette.com that the 1944 page proof edition of Brideshead Revisited from the William Reese collection sold at the Christie’s recent NY online auction for $23,940 (£19,050) including premiums.  Here’s a link. This was the copy that … Continue reading

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Robert Morse (1931-2022) R.I.P.

American actor Robert Morse has died at the age of 90 at his home in Los Angeles. He is best known in this parish as the actor who played the role of Dennis Barlow in the 1960’s Hollywood adaptation of … Continue reading

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Partygate Roundup

–An article posted on the website The Conversation,com has attracted a lot of attention since it appeared last week. This is entitled “Partygate Revisited” and is written by Trinity College Dublin senior research scholar Orlaith Darling.  She begins with a … Continue reading

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P J O’Rourke 1947-2022 R.I.P.

American satirist P J O’Rourke died earlier this week at the age of 74. He made his name as a conservative commentator but was an equal opportunity satirist. For example,  according to the obituary in the Washington Post, he once … Continue reading

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Roundup: End it with a Waugh

–An opinion article in The Times by Matthew Parris considers the actions that will be taken on the part of Tory politicians seeking to replace Boris Johnson as their leader. Their different political placements call for different tactics. But the … Continue reading

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MLK Birthday Roundup

–In the Daily Telegraph, combining elements of the travel and gardening columns, Matt Collins describes a recent trip to the Atlantic island of Madeira: Upholding at least six of writer Paul Theroux’s 10 golden rules of travel, I went alone … Continue reading

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Terry Teachout (1956-2022) R.I.P

American literary, drama and music critic Terry Teachout died earlier this week at the age of 65. It its obituary, the New York Times commented that the conservative Teachout never allowed his political views to influence his artistic judgement: An … Continue reading

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New Year’s Roundup

–In a semi-final round of the University Challenge Christmas edition on BBC4, broadcast 29 December 2021, a three-part bonus question was based on the writings of Selina Hastings. The question (at 11:02 minutes) was to identify the subjects of three … Continue reading

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Autumnal Equinox Roundup

–The Sydney Morning Herald has posted an article by Tony Wright entitled: “In memory of cleft sticks and the frustrations of sending a story.” It opens with this: There were times in strange places when I longed for a cleft … Continue reading

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Midsummer Night’s Roundup

–The Jermyn Street Theatre has announced a production that may be of interest to Waugh enthusiasts: Mr and Mrs Nobody is […] adapted from the popular comic novel Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith,  Keith Waterhouse‘s Mr … Continue reading

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