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Scoop X 3

BBC News opens a report on whether there will be a second independence referendum in Scotland with a reference to Waugh’s novel Scoop. The report is filed by the BBC’s Scotland political editor Brian Taylor: So is that it, then? … Continue reading

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Roundup: From Ocean Liners to The Fiddlers Elbow

The V&A is running an exhibit on Ocean Liners, which remains open until 17 June. Rosemary Hill has written an article about it in the London Review of Books. She discusses the history of luxury liners back to the prewar … Continue reading

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Early TV Adaptations: Vile Bodies and Put Out More Flags

IMDB recently updated the archival information in its database relating to two little-known BBC TV adaptations of Waugh’s works from 1970. These are Vile Bodies  and Put Out More Flags. Both were 90-minute productions on BBC2, but some archival information … Continue reading

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Waugh Novels in a New “Trilogy”

In a paper posted on the website (described as “a community dedicated to helping writers of all experiences and backgrounds to have their work seen and read”), Huw Saunders proposes a new “trilogy” of books about Africa. Two of the books … Continue reading

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From Anatolia to Catalonia

A Turkish website which looks like a promotional books blog ( has posted a brief introduction and excerpt from the Turkish translation of A Handful of Dust (in Turkish Bir Avuç Toz). After a plot summary, the introduction continues: A … Continue reading

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Roundup: Waugh in Publishing

Amazon is offering a new book by London-based playwright and singer-songwriter Roy Smiles. This is entitled Waugh in Winter and is the text of a play which is built around Waugh’s persona. According to the book description: Waugh in Winter … Continue reading

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Brexit, Flags and Travesties

Patrick Kidd in today’s issue of  The Times devotes his “Political Sketch” column to the Commonwealth Conference convened this week in London. He opens and closes with references to an Evelyn Waugh novel: Put out more flags. Evelyn Waugh took … Continue reading

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Spanish Versions of Waugh Recommended

An essay has been posted on the books blog of the Madrid-based free circulation newspaper called 20 Minutos. The story has been picked up by other Spanish language publications, including at least one in Mexico. This is by bookseller and … Continue reading

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West Virginian Poverty and African Diversity

Mark Sadd writing an opinion column in the Charleston (WVa) Gazette-Mail opens with this quote from Evelyn Waugh: “Ah, well,” wrote Evelyn Waugh, “to the journalist every country is rich.” And to the media, one can add, every West Virginian … Continue reading

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Yugoslavia and Ishmaelia

Dr Robert Hickson has posted another of his “essays” on Waugh’s life and works on the weblog These should not be mistaken for religious dicussions but are rather compilations of writings from Waugh’s works or memoirs of his contemporaries … Continue reading

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