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Roundup: Eliot, Milton and Stonewalling

–The current issue of the Journal of the T S Eliot Society (UK): 2022 contains an essay entitled “Different Voices: Evelyn Waugh and The Waste Land.” This is by William Myers who is presumably the author of Evelyn Waugh and … Continue reading

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Roundup: From MoI to Antifa

–University of London has posted a history of Senate House, a large modern building on its campus near the British Museum. It housed the Ministry of Information (“MoI”) during WWII. Waugh features in the discussion: Literary descriptions of Senate House … Continue reading

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Gerhardie, Waugh and Boyd

Novelist William Boyd has written an essay for The Spectator about the influence of William Gerhardie’s novels on several British novelists of the interwar period. It is entitled “Evelyn Waugh’s sincerest form of flattery.” Here’s an excerpt from the beginning: … Continue reading

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Waugh and “Cablese”

A letter in the Guardian attributes a humorous but effective example of the use of “cablese” language to a quote of Evelyn Waugh. It is true that Waugh brilliantly parodied the language used by foreign correspondents and their home based … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Roundup

–The Atlantic Monthly has reposted its issue for September 1956. This contains Waugh’s article entitled “Max Beerbohm: A Lesson in Manners”. This was a reprint of the article that had earlier appeared in the Sunday Times. It was a memorial … Continue reading

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May Day Roundup

–The second part of Alexander Larman’s centenary recognition of Kingsley Amis has appeared in this month’s regular issue of The Critic. See previous post. He starts with an amusing description of Amis’s somewhat ramshackle acceptance of his Booker Prize for … Continue reading

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Roundup: Divorce, Cults and Lost Cities

—The Guardian recently posted a selection of books on difficult marriages in its “Top 10s” column. It is not surprising that a book by Evelyn Waugh on this topic made the list. Here’s the entry by Elizabeth Lowry: 3. A … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox Roundup

–The religious-philosophical website First Things has posted an article by George Weigel about conspiracy theories from within the Vatican hierarchy. This opens with an allusion to a seldom-mentioned Waugh character who has suddenly become relevant in the present international environment: … Continue reading

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Latest “EWS” Posted: States, Issues and Complete Works

The most recent issue of the Society’s journal Evelyn Waugh Studies is now posted. This is No. 52.3 (Winter 2021) and opens with an article by Hartley Moorhouse entitled “Bibliographical Confusion Surrounding the First UK Editions of Scoop”. This uses … Continue reading

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Washington’s Birthday Roundup

–In the TLS, backpage columnist M.C. is reminded of the BBC television quiz show Take It or Leave It. Devised by Brigid Brophy, this quiz show ran from 1964 until 1971 on BBC Two. “Preference and prejudice towards books and … Continue reading

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