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BBC Airs Muriel Spark Film

BBC2 last week broadcast a one hour documentary on the life and works of novelist Muriel Spark: The Many Primes of Muriel Spark. This was originally transmitted in January on BBC Scotland to mark Spark’s centenary. The program was presented … Continue reading

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Amazon to Screen Thorpe Scandal Series in USA will screen the BBC TV series A Very English Scandal in the USA on its Amazon Prime streaming service later this month. In fact, it appears that episode 1 may be already be available to view as a bonus feature in … Continue reading

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Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018)

There is not much to connect TV presenter Anthony Bourdain, whose death was announced earlier this week, and Evelyn Waugh except for their inclination to travel to difficult destinations and then report about it. Bourdain was also a writer, and … Continue reading

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“Waugh, Auberon, Dog Lovers Party…”

In the final episode last night on BBC1 of A Very English Scandal, Auberon Waugh does make a very brief appearance, as promised by the excellent background article in Radio Times. This occurs in a re-enactment of the announcement of … Continue reading

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Update: Thorpe Scandal Discussed in The Oldie

Milena Borden files this report from London relating to an article by Alexander Waugh in the latest issue of The Oldie: “Rinka’s Revenge: When Auberon Waugh fought Jeremy Thorpe in the 1979 election, he honoured a family love of dogs, says his … Continue reading

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Special Thorpe Trial Bonus Tonite on BBC4

Following tonight’s broadcast on BBC1 of the final episode of the docudrama relating to the Jeremy Thorpe scandal (A Very English Scandal), BBC4 will broadcast a previously suppressed Panorama episode relating to the trial. According to the BBC’s website: In … Continue reading

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Happy Warriors to Broadcast

A London theater website ( has announced that a performance of Happy Warriors, the play about Evelyn Waugh and Randolph Churchill in WWII Yugoslavia, will be recorded for broadcast. In connection with this, tickets for the performance on Friday, 13 … Continue reading

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From African Kleptocracy to Spark’s Legacy

A feature length article in the Australian edition of the Spectator deals with the political flap over policy toward immigration of white South African farrmers into Australia. This is entitled “Kleptocracy on the Cape” by Thomas Jones and opens with … Continue reading

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Brideshead: Crime Story, Aesthetes and a Scientist

The second season of the TV series American Crime Story is nearing its end on the FX cable channel in the USA. It has just begun on BBC and has reached Episode 3 this week. It is entitled the Assassination … Continue reading

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Update: Churchill’s Secret Affair

Channel 4’s documentary Churchill’s Secret Affair broadcast last night differs in several important details from the account published in the Daily Mail last week. See previous post. Several experts contribute to the documentary. From our perspective the most important are … Continue reading

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