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Roundup: a Film, a Warrior and a Hoax

—The Conversation has posted an article by literary scholar Christine Berberich, who teaches at the University of Portsmouth and is well known to members of the society through her writings and participation in its events. This latest essay explains the … Continue reading

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Roundup: Rereading Black Mischief

–A recent column of The Times “Rereading” series contains a brief essay on Waugh’s 1932 comic novel Black Mischief. The column, published in today’s edition, is by Will Lloyd. Here’s the opening: One afternoon in the absurdly early Thirties, Evelyn … Continue reading

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Roundup: A Major Auction and News from the Antipodes

–Auction house Bonham’s has scheduled the sale of several of Waugh’s books. These were presentation copies to F B Walker who worked at Chapman & Hall in the period of their publication. Bonham’s describes the importance of Walker to Waugh … Continue reading

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Dog Days Roundup

–Will Lloyd, commissioning editor of the New Statesman, has written an interesting and enjoyable article in that journal summarizing why Evelyn Waugh’s works have outlived those of his contemporaries. This is entitled: “Evelyn Waugh is laughing at you: His lethally … Continue reading

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Roundup: Mostly Books

–In Saturday’s Daily Telegraph politician and journalist Charles Moore sees connections between Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of Honour trilogy and a new book by Daniel Finkelstein. Here are the opening paragraphs: I have just caught up with Daniel Finkelstein’s newish book … Continue reading

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Midsummer Roundup

—The Article has a detailed review of the recent CWEW edition of A Handful of Dust. This is by literary biographer and critic Jeffrey Meyers who has written several articles about Waugh in the last few years. Meyers opens his … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday Roundup

—Country Life has posted the second part of their interesting and informative essay on the building and decoration of Campion Hall at Oxford. The first installment was described in an earlier post. Here’s an excerpt relating to Waugh’s contribution to … Continue reading

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St Patricks Day Roundup

–The  current issue of The Critic magazine has the latest effort to revive the works of novelist Henry Green. This is in an article entitled “An off-kilter visionary” by Alexander Larman. The article prominently cites Waugh’s on and off relationship … Continue reading

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Early March Roundup

–Valerie Grove writing in The Times reviews BBC’s recent rerun of John Betjeman’s program Metroland which was originally broadcast 50 years ago (1973).  Grove had interviewed Betjeman about then when she must have been a cub reporter at the Evening … Continue reading

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Presidents’ Day Roundup

—The London Magazine has posted two articles from its recent offerings that comment on Evelyn Waugh. The first is from an unsigned Poetry and Politics column: Contemporary parliamentarians, in my experience, are not specially attuned to contemporary verse. There are … Continue reading

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