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Summer Solstice Roundup

–In a recent issue of The Sunday Times, Matthew Syed discussed the legacy of Boris Johnson. This excerpt appears near the beginning: We always knew Johnson was a skilled deceiver and dissimulator. In his book Chums, Simon Kuper tells of … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With Aristocrats (More)

The second episode of the new ITV series “Keeping Up With the Aristocrats” airs tomorrow on ITV at 9pm. This will, no doubt, offer additional examples of enterprising efforts by four aristocratic families to make something of more immediate value … Continue reading

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Armistice Day Roundup

–Perhaps in anticipation of today’s commemoration, this week’s Sunday Times reviewed a new book by Max Hastings. This is Soldiers: Great Stories of War and Peace. Here’s an excerpt from the review: The anthology opens with biblical warriors (Joshua at … Continue reading

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Roundup (Hons and Chips)

–Novelist Amanda Craig writing in a recent Sunday Times article considers an unusual judgment in a recent terrorist case. The defendant was found to have downloaded nearly 70,000 pages of white supremacist material. The judge ordered him to instead spend … Continue reading

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Washington’s Birthday Roundup

–Last week’s Sunday Telegraph reviews a new book by Simon Fenwick entitled The Crichel Boys. This is about a post-WWII literary salon established in a house that was formerly the rectory of Long Crichel, Dorset. This was purchased by Eddy … Continue reading

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A Biography and A Portrait

–Waugh scholar and EW Society member Ann Pasternak Slater has written a new book relating to a writer Waugh admired but knew only slightly. This is a biography of T S Eliot’s wife Vivien. The book is reviewed by Brian … Continue reading

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New Biography of Graham Greene

A new biography of Graham Greene has been published. The UK edition is entitled Russian Roulette and is written by Richard Greene (no relation but editor of a collection of Graham’s letters). The book is reviewed in the Sunday Times by … Continue reading

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75th Anniversary of Brideshead Book Publication

The first book publication of Brideshead Revisited took place in London 75 years ago this week on 28 May 1945. In the period of slightly less than a year since Waugh had submitted his typescript to Chapman & Hall in … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox Roundup

–Several publications have posted recommended binge reading and watching for the homebound during the Wuhan coronavirus shut-down. Many of these include books or adaptations of books by Waugh: —The Guardian produced a list of 50 of the “Best Binge Watches: … Continue reading

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Memorial Day/Late-May Bank Holiday Roundup

–In a recent two-part article on the non-denominational religious website Patheos.com, the morality of the nuclear bombing of Japan is reconsidered. The article is made up of a collection of the views expressed on the moral and religious issues arising … Continue reading

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