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Waugh’s Christmas 1946

Waugh records in his Diaries 75 years ago his rather downbeat experience of the second Christmas in the postwar Atlee era. His feelings may resonate with many of us who are experiencing our second Christmas in the Age of Covid: … Continue reading

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Septimus Waugh: Reminiscence

The Tablet’s latest issue has a reminiscence of the late Septimus Waugh. This appears in the “Word from the Cloister” column and is based on an interview of Jimmy Burns, journalist and member of The Tablet’s board. He was a … Continue reading

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Roundup: Mostly Books

–In the current issue of Literary Review there is the review of a new book about a subject familiar to Waugh readers. This is Will Loxley’s Writing in the Dark: Bloomsbury, the Blitz and Horizon Magazine. The review by Daisy … Continue reading

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Annual Waugh Lecture (More)

As noted in a previous post, the annual Evelyn Waugh Lecture was delivered at Lancing College earlier this week. The talk was given by Jeremy Tomlinson, a former master of the house where Waugh lived as a student. It was … Continue reading

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Another Inez Holden Reprint

The Herald (Glasgow) has a review of another reprint of a book by Waugh’s early literary friend Inez Holden. This is entitled There’s No Story There (1944) and is reviewed by Malcolm Forbes. Here are the opening paragraphs: Inez Holden … Continue reading

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Interviewed by a Smart-Aleck Baboon

In the American Scholar, literary critic, essayist and screenwriter Arthur Krystal has written a memoir of his experiences with Jacques Barzun, his teacher and mentor at Columbia in the 1970s and later his friend and colleague. Among the numerous literary … Continue reading

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Late Winter Roundup

–The Daily Mail has posted some excerpts from the new and unexpurgated edition of the diaries of Chips Channon. Two of these new entries involve comments of Channon about Evelyn Waugh: Evelyn Waugh – Sunday, December 16, 1934 Lunch was … Continue reading

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Roundup: Brideshead to Bridgerton

–A new Netflix serial “Bridgerton” has been compared in several papers to Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited and its film and TV adaptations. Here an excerpt from the Bloomsberg News: … “Bridgerton” is a sly and sexy Netflix Inc. series set … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Christmas 1945

Here is Waugh’s diary entry for his Christmas 75 years ago–Wednesday 26 December 1945: Maria Teresa and Bron have arrived, he ingratiating, she covered with little meddals and badges, neurotically voluble with the vocabulary of the lower-middle class–‘serviette’, ‘spare room’.  … Continue reading

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117th Anniversary of Evelyn Waugh’s Birthday

On this 117th anniversary of Waugh’s birthday, we look back 80 years to see how he celebrated the occasion on 28 October 1940. This was nearly a year after he had joined the Royal Marines. He had arrived back from … Continue reading

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