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Roundup: “The Death of a Modern Churchman”

–A literary website that encourages new writers ( has posted a list of the 10 most absurd deaths in classic fiction. Among those selected is the death of Mr Prendergast in Waugh’s novel Decline and Fall: 8. DEATH BY SAW AND … Continue reading

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Roundup: Laura Waugh’s Lent

–In the Guardian, William Keegan compares the Brexit chaos to Waugh’s Decline and Fall: In order to switch off from Brexit in the evenings, your correspondent has taken to re-reading his favourite novels. Yet there is no escape! At the … Continue reading

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Early March Roundup

–Laura Freeman writing in the Daily Telegraph (27 February) surveys children’s books and discovers that one of her favorites has been rated as having a “really high difficulty level.” This is Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men series and she sees the … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Walter Gropius and Prof Otto Silenus

Fiona MacCarthy, biographer and art historian, has written a biography of architect Walter Gropius. At least two reviewers have noted his contribution to the character of Prof Otto Silenus in Waugh’s debut novel Decline and Fall. Novelist Philip Hensher, writing … Continue reading

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Compton Mackenzie Reconsidered

In the wake of the recent New Statesman essay seeking to revive an interest in JB Priestley, the latest New Criterion has published one seeking to create a renewed interest in another neglected novelist of the same period. This is … Continue reading

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Autograph Post Card Sold on E-bay

A 1954 handwritten but unsigned post card from Evelyn Waugh to Gerald Matthews (described as a sports journalist) was recently sold on E-bay. The post card is postmarked 2 July 1954 and reads: “Chokey was a minor character who had … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Roundup

–Columnist John Derbyshire has posted a story in his “Derb’s January Diary” column on the anti-immigrant website Vdare that may start another debate like U/Non-U pronunciation or George and Ira Gershwin’s line “You say tomato, and I say tomahto”. Derbyshire, … Continue reading

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Evening Standard’s Waugh Twofer

The Evening Standard reviews a book by David Kynaston and Francis Green of UCL entitled Engines of Privilege: Britain’s Private Education Problem. According to the review by Ann McElvoy: What interests these two centre-Left writers is the degree of insulation that … Continue reading

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Oxford College Announces Waugh Thesis

Linacre College, Oxford has announced a DPhil thesis by one of its students. The title is “Evelyn Waugh: Travel Writing and Politics” and its author is Roger Irwin, a postgraduate student. The college is a postwar foundation, and its students … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Roundup

–The Guardian in its “Top Tens” books column this week features “books on booze”. The selection by Henry Jeffreys is explained as “not a collection of books about drunkenness or alcoholism, though both feature. Rather, it is a celebration of those … Continue reading

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