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Tax Day (U.S.) Roundup

–A review of the recent Netflix film entitled Scoop appears in The Hollywood Reporter and several other papers. It is written by Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell and opens with this: Scoop is a dramatized feature about the BBC’s Newsnight team … Continue reading

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Wavian Roundup

—The Guardian reviews the new book by Nicholas Shakespeare, who wrote and directed the BBC’s 1980’s Arena TV documentary series known as The Waugh Trilogy. The book is entitled Six Minutes in May: How Churchill Unexpectedly Became Prime Minister and … Continue reading

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Anthony Powell Biography (More)

The new biography of Anthony Powell by Hilary Spurling has been widely reviewed in the British press and several additional reviews have cited Evelyn Waugh’s friendship with Powell. Nicholas Shakespeare, writer and director of the BBC Arena documentary “The Waugh … Continue reading

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Three Generations of Waughs in The Oldie

Various Waughs (and their associates) are scattered throughout the pages of this month’s issue of The Oldie. The leading feature article by Alan Thomas is about the Bright Young People and opens with a reference to Waugh’s novel Vile Bodies: … Continue reading

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Hat Trick for Waugh in The Spectator

This week’s Spectator features three articles mentioning Evelyn Waugh. The first is in a memorial for Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who died this week at the age of 45. The magazine reprints an article she wrote which appeared in the 27 July … Continue reading

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Waugh in the Ratings

Several sites and publications have recently issued rankings on Waugh and his works. The interactive internet site Ranker is running a survey for the best Roman Catholic writer. Currently Waugh is #12 preceded by Allen Tate and followed by Graham Greene. … Continue reading

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BBC Arena Waugh Trilogy Available Online

Part 1 of the 1987 BBC Arena three-part documentary, usually called the “Waugh Trilogy,” has been posted on YouTube. This is entitled “Bright Young Things.” It was last broadcast in 2008. The series was directed and narrated by Nicholas Shakespeare, and some of … Continue reading

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Telegraph Publishes Remembrance of Waugh

In today’s Sunday Telegraph, Nicholas Shakespeare writes a remembrance of Waugh. Shakespeare never apparently met Waugh personally but wrote and directed the three-part 198os BBC Arena documentary of Waugh. He is also editor of the Everyman edition of Waugh’s collected travel … Continue reading

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Memoir of EWS’s Honorary President Published

David Lodge, the Society’s Honorary President, has written the first volume of his memoirs. This was published in the UK this week under the title Quite a Good Time to Be Born: A Memoir, 1935-1975. An international edition is promised … Continue reading

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