BBC Arena Waugh Trilogy Available Online

Part 1 of the 1987 BBC Arena three-part documentary, usually called the “Waugh Trilogy,” has been posted on YouTube. This is entitled “Bright Young Things.” It was last broadcast in 2008. The series was directed and narrated by Nicholas Shakespeare, and some of the readings are by actor Nigel Hawthorne, well known for his appearance as the civil servant Sir Humphrey Appleby in the BBC’s Yes, Minister series. There are two further episodes (2. “Mayfair and the Jungle” and 3. “An Englishman’s Home”), and it is hoped that these will also be posted. The video and audio on the YouTube copy of Part 1 are of high quality, and it is well worth watching. Among those interviewed in this episode are Harold Acton, Diana Mosley, Anthony Powell and Peter Quennell. 

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