BBC Arena Waugh Trilogy Available Online

Part 1 of the 1987 BBC Arena¬†three-part documentary, usually called the “Waugh Trilogy,” has been posted on YouTube. This is entitled “Bright Young Things.” It¬†was last broadcast in 2008. The series¬†was directed and narrated by Nicholas Shakespeare, and some of the readings are¬†by actor Nigel Hawthorne, well known for his¬†appearance as the civil servant Sir Humphrey Appleby in the BBC’s¬†Yes, Minister series.¬†There are two further episodes¬†(2. “Mayfair and the Jungle” and 3. “An Englishman’s Home”), and it is hoped that these will also be posted. The video and audio on the YouTube¬†copy of Part 1 are¬†of high quality, and it is well worth watching. Among those interviewed in this episode are Harold Acton, Diana Mosley, Anthony Powell and Peter Quennell.¬†

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