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A Tale of Two Atwaters

Duncan McLaren has posted an article about an interesting crossover between novels of Evelyn Waugh and Anthony Powell. On Waugh’s side this appears in Work Suspended (written 1939/published 1942) in which the minor character of Arthur Atwater appears. The connection … Continue reading

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Evelyn’s Last Dance

Duncan McLaren has posted two articles in his Brideshead Festival series in which Evelyn Waugh ponders the contents of the last two volumes of Anthony Powell’s Dance to the Music of Time. These are Temporary Kings (1973) and Hearing Secret … Continue reading

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Graham Greene and Waugh Discuss Powell Novel

In the┬álatest installment of imaginary encounters among Evelyn Waugh and his Oxford friends at the Castle Howard Brideshead Festival, Duncan McLaren has Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh discuss Anthony Powell’s 1971 novel Books Do Furnish a Room. This was the … Continue reading

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A Buyer’s Market for Quennell and Connolly

Duncan McLaren has aded another article about Evelyn Waugh’s interest in Anthony Powell’s novel cycle Dance to the Music of Time. In this one, Evelyn and Nancy Mitford continue their discussion of Powell’s books, focussing on the second in the … Continue reading

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Apthorpe and Widmerpool

In Duncan McLaren’s latest posting, Anthony Powell joins the host of other writer friends of Evelyn Waugh who are either posthumously present or talked about at the recently postponed Castle Howard conference. In this case, Powell and several of his … Continue reading

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Auctions Update

Southeby’s has announced the sale of the collection of letters from Evelyn Waugh to Richard Plunket Greene. See previous post. This was Lot 140 in the auction conducted 3-10 December. It sold for ┬ú15,000 which was the low end of … Continue reading

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John Heygate Archives on Offer

The auction house Bonhams, in Knightsbridge, London, will hold an auction on 4 December that will include archived letters to John Heygate. ┬áSeveral of these contain information that relates to Evelyn Waugh. Heygate was a friend of Waugh and his … Continue reading

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TLS: “When the Script Hits the Fan”

In this week’s “Freelance” column of the TLS, novelist/critic DJ Taylor takes up the issue of fan letters to writers. He starts by characterizing those he himself has received, extending from the extravagant praiser to the anti-fan via the mildly … Continue reading

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Music of Time

The BBC has undertaken a review of classical music composed in the years 1918-2018. This is entitled “Our Classical Century” and includes recorded performances and commentary on both television (BBC4) and radio (BBC Radio 3). Selections will also be featured … Continue reading

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Two Views of a Turning Point

Perry Anderson in the second half of his long essay on Anthony Powell in the London Review of Books mentions Evelyn Waugh several times. Most notable is his comparison of the reaction of Powell’s narrator in┬áDance to the Music of … Continue reading

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