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Mid-October Roundup

–The US cable channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has announced two broadcasts of The Loved One in November and December. They have also published what look like they may be expanded program notes (by Jeff Stafford) for the occasion: In … Continue reading

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Charm Offensive

In the Wall Street Journal a review by Thomas Vinciguerra of Joseph Epstein’s new book Charm: The Elusive Enchantment begins with this: There was no avoiding it. On page 26 of Joseph Epstein’s excursion into the nature of charm, there … Continue reading

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Literary Reputations in the Brexit Era

The Spectator has a review by Rod Liddle of the play People Like Us at the Union Theater in South London. It is written by Julie Burchill and Jane Robins and relates to a North London book group that is … Continue reading

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Blunted Sword

A review of Waugh’s Sword of Honour appears in the latest issue of the journal of the Augustine Institute Faith & Culture. This is by Joseph Pearce who is also editor of the Saint Austin Review. Here are some excerpts: …The … Continue reading

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A Visit to Madresfield

Our reader and EWS member Milena Borden has kindly sent the following report of her recent visit to Madresfield Court: At Madresfield A strikingly beautiful house appears a short distance after driving through Madresfield village and turning towards Madresfield Court. … Continue reading

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“The Waugh Effort” in The New Criterion

Dominic Green has written an essay reviewing Evelyn Waugh’s military career. This is entitled “The Waugh effort” and appears in the current issue of The New Criterion. As one would expect, Green relies on Waugh’s Diaries, his novel Sword of … Continue reading

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More from Duncan McLaren

Duncan McLaren has recently added new postings about Waugh and his work to his website. The latest is entitled Men at War (2) and deals with the major portion of that novel that revolves around Guy Crouchback’s (and Waugh’s) early … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: Brideshead to the Fore

Two bloggers have posted reviews of the new Folio Society edition of Brideshead Revisited (mentioned in a previous post): –Adam on was sent a review copy and expressed his gratitude accordingly: I’m drawn in by the incredible cover art … Continue reading

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Waugh Welcomes Students

Several student-oriented papers have quoted Evelyn Waugh in their greetings to students arriving or returning to university studies: —The Times Higher Education Supplement invited advisory Twitter messages to be posted in an effort to make first year students feel welcome. … Continue reading

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Early September Roundup

There is a diverse field of material covered in this latest roundup gathered from the last two weeks: —Quadrant Magazine, an Australian cultural journal, carries on its website a droll pleading (tongue lodged in cheek) from Tony Thomas that Decline … Continue reading

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