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Labo(u)r Day Roundup

–The Catholic Herald has an article by Ken Craycraft in which he reviews the recent biography of Graham Greene (The Unquiet Englishman by Richard Greene). Here is an excerpt: Critics and biographers are always looking for glimpses of Greene’s own … Continue reading

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A Little More Learning

Sophia Waugh, Evelyn’s grand daughter and Auberon’s daughter, writes this week in the Catholic Herald about the current state of Roman Catholic schools in the UK. The article opens with a brief review of the differing attitudes of various members … Continue reading

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Roundup: Sash Windows and Sitwells

–Eleanor Doughty writing in Country Life considers whether sash windows should be repaired or replaced. She opens the story with this: There is something about a sash window, isn’t there? The gentle squeak and heave as you lift it up, … Continue reading

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New Books: Chagford and Fish Knives

–American novelist Chuck Etheridge has published earlier this year a new book entitled Chagford Revisited. Here’s the description from the publisher: Marker, an American Anglophile software engineer, has purchased the home Evelyn Waugh stayed in while writing Brideshead Revisited. He … Continue reading

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Ronald Knox Revival Imminent?

An article in the Catholic Herald (“Rediscovering Ronnie”) suggests that a revival of interest in the writings of Waugh’s close friend and biographical subject Ronald Knox may be imminent. This is written by the Herald’s contributing editor Serenhedd James based … Continue reading

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Unloved in LA

William Cash has written a feature length article in the Catholic Herald that provides some new insights into Evelyn Waugh’s 1947 trip to Hollywood. The trip combined an effort to agree film rights with MGM for Brideshead Revisited as well … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Politics in Fiction and Real Life

Writer and historian Minoo Dinshaw, author of the recently published biography of Steven Runciman, has written an article for Catholic Herald which traces Waugh’s political views through the characters in his novels. It is entitled “Forewaughned” and begins with this: … Continue reading

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A Handful of Offense

Writing in the Catholic Herald, novelist and critic Philip Hensher considers the implications of the current movement to suppress or destroy monuments and other public expressions that give offense to the present generation. This is in an article entitled: “Many … Continue reading

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4th of July Roundup

–Duncan McLaren has added a coda to his recent posting about Waugh’s friendship (if that’s the right word) with Cyril Connolly. Duncan’s article is entitled “Cyril in Full Flow” and  is based on a visit Cyril made to Berlin in … Continue reading

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Book List Roundup: Wuhan Virus Edition

The unfilled hours produced by the disruptions of the Wuhan virus seem to call for more reading and, thus, have apparently inspired the compiling and posting of book lists. Several of these include books by Evelyn Waugh: –The Milwaukee Magazine … Continue reading

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