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A Diary, a Legacy, and a First Edition

The long-running “Londoner’s Diary” column of the Evening Standard has been relaunched as “The Londoner” and has a new author, Charlotte Edwardes, who writes her introductory article with a nod to Evelyn Waugh and several of his friends: On my … Continue reading

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Evil Genius on BBC Podcast

BBC has signed comedian and Evelyn Waugh fan Russell Kane do a series of podcasts on the theme of the Evil Genius. In this, he will trace characters through history who have been geniuses but who have also done horrible … Continue reading

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Henry Green, Enthusiasms, Tammy Faye, and Clarissa

The attempted revival of Henry Green’s works and reputation marches ever onward. The latest contribution is an article by Dominic Green (no likely relationship since Henry’s family name was Yorke) in the New Criterion. Green makes the case that Yorke … Continue reading

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Naim Attallah Interviews Harold Acton

Writer and publisher Naim Attallah has posted on his weblog what looks like the complete text of his interview of Harold Acton in 1990. This was only a few years before Acton’s death in 1994. Acton and Waugh were friends … Continue reading

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Armies of the Night; Writers on the Right

The Hoover Institution at Stanford University has posted a 1968 TV interview of novelist Norman Mailer by William F Buckley, Jr. This was in Buckley’s Firing Line series which went out for many years on PBS. The subject of the … Continue reading

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Waugh at 60: BBC 1964 Monitor Interview Available Online

A link has become available to the 1964 TV broadcast of the BBC’s Monitor interview of Evelyn Waugh by novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard. The link is to the BBC Archives via Facebook (don’t ask me how that works or how … Continue reading

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Decline & Fall: DVD Extra Features

The Acorn TV DVD of the BBC’s Decline and Fall adaptation has 15 minutes of extra features. This is for sale in North America. These include interviews with several of the cast and crew falling into 3 tightly edited 5-minute … Continue reading

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Waugh Features in Podcast on “Narrative and Religion”

A recent podcast in the series Conversations with Tyler involves an interview with New York Times columnist Russ Douthat. The series is sponsored by George Mason University  and the interviewer is Tyler Cowen but the date and the venue are … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Influence: A Roundup

–Jessica Fellowes, niece of the creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, has written a novel. This follows several companion books relating to the TV series. The novel is entitled The Mitford Murders and sounds like a combination of Agatha Christie … Continue reading

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D J Taylor Reviews the Complete Works

In the current issue of Literary Review, literary critic and novelist D J Taylor reviews the first four volumes of Evelyn Waugh’s Complete Works. The review, entitled “Author of Himself”, manages to be at the same time thorough, scholarly and … Continue reading

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