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A Visit to Burgh House Exhibit: Evelyn Waugh and Basil Bourchier

Milena Borden has kindly sent this report of her visit to a Waugh-related exhibit in North London which was mentioned in a previous post: Closing this Sunday, the exhibition A Totally Preposterous Parson: Evelyn Waugh and Basil Bourchier is displayed in … Continue reading

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Roundup: Ruins, Snobs and Remittance Men

An art exhibit in Sheffield is named for a Waugh story. This is Love Among the Ruins at the S1 Artspace gallery. The gallery is temporarily located in the garage of the Park Hill housing estate while another part of … Continue reading

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Desert Island Confusion

The Independent newspaper in London has a story in a recent issue about the BBC’s long-running program Desert Island Discs. This article by Alex Johnson focuses on book lists and this week opens with a discussion of the choices made … Continue reading

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Janetta Parladé (1921-2018)

The Daily Telegraph has announced the death of Janet Parladé. As a young woman, she was a member of the Horizon magazine social set centering on the editor Cyril Connolly. Shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Cvil War: Janetta … Continue reading

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An Uncertain Guest: Video Memoir of Evelyn Waugh

A posting on YouTube’s series “Web of Stories” contains a short video memoir of Evelyn Waugh recorded by the late John Julius Norwich. He was the only child of Waugh’s close friend Diana Cooper and her husband Duff. The memoir is … Continue reading

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Another Private Chapel Story

The Times reports that singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran plans to build a private chapel near his home in Suffolk. This seems to be becoming a trend. See earlier posts. The article by Libby Purves opens with a reference to a Waugh … Continue reading

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Waugh and International Law

Dr Fernando Gomez Herrero from the University of Birmingham delivered a paper at a London conference on Languages Memory based on Evelyn Waugh’s description of his attendance at an academic conference in Scott King’s Modern Europe. The paper was entitled ‘About … Continue reading

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Waugh and Proust: A Handful de Chez Quoi ?

A brief letter in this week’s TLS raises several interesting points about Waugh’s understanding of Marcel Proust’s A la Recherche du Temps Perdu. This is from Dorothy McMillan at the University of Glasgow: Sir, – As your correspondents have shown … Continue reading

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Roundup: Brideshead Matters

In an article posted on National Catholic Register, Joesph Pearce considers whether education still matters and concludes that it should but doesn’t always manage. In order to matter, education must teach the truth as revealed in the wisdom of the … Continue reading

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Aston Clinton Profiled on Country House Website

The estate of Aston Clinton, associated with Evelyn Waugh in the 1920s, is profiled on the website of House and, maintained by David Poole. The estate became well-known thanks to its ownership by a member of the Rothschild family … Continue reading

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