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Waugh and Trevor-Roper: The Annual Dacre Lecture

Waugh Society member and frequent contributor Milena Borden sends this report of her recent attendance at the annual Dacre Lecture in Oxford: Milena Borden was invited to the recent Dacre lecture and dinner at Oxford, where Waugh was among the … Continue reading

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Waugh and Celebrations, or not, as the Case May Be

–The Guardian in an editorial recently addressed various proposals to celebrate (or gloat over) Brexit. These range from suggestions of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson that Big Ben be temporarily brought back into service to ring in their victory and Leave … Continue reading

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Roundup: Labels Reattached

–The weblog Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings contains a review of Waugh’s early travel book Labels. This is a thoughtful critique of an often overlooked book: This is certainly no saccharine account of a trip round pretty places; if Waugh dislikes a … Continue reading

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Waugh and Mitford: Grave Problems

Waugh’s friend Nancy Mitford is in the news relating to the publication in the USA of her biography by Laura Thompson, Life in a Cold Climate. See previous posts. The Wall Street Journal (10 January 2020) has a favorable review by … Continue reading

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John Ivan Simon (1925-2019): R. I. P.

John Simon, one of America’s great critics of theatre and film died in November the age of 94. His death was widely noted, and this obituary excerpted from the New York Times is fairly representative: In a style that danced … Continue reading

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Ma Meyrick Gains Place in Dictionary of Irish Biography

The Royal Irish Academy has posted a new entry in the Dictionary of Irish Biography. This relates to Kate Evelyn Meyrick (also known as Ma Meyrick and, to Waugh readers, as Ma Mayfield). She was born in Kingtown, Dublin into … Continue reading

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Waugh: Harry Potter and Sunglasses

A quote from Evelyn Waugh was recently added to a page called Harry Potter House Quotes. Each quote contributed is reviewed by Carmen and Fiona, who run the page, to decide its relevance and in which “house” to place … Continue reading

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New Year’s Roundup

–On his weblog Anecdotal Evidence, Patrick Kurp has a posting that quotes and summarizes Waugh’s New Year’s article for Harper’s Bazaar, dated 9 January 1934. Here’s an excerpt: […] Waugh shifts between the personal and national. He had spent the first … Continue reading

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Castle Howard on Channel 4

The UK’s Channel 4 has rebroadcast the episode of Phil Spencer’s Stately Homes that covers the visit to Castle Howard. This was first broadcast as the second episode of the program’s first series on 16 August 2016. Spencer makes only … Continue reading

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Reading Dickens in the Jungle, et al.

–An article has been posted on entitled “Reading Dickens in the Jungle: A Handful of Dust and Mr Pip.” This is by Alessandro Vescovi, professor of English at the Università degli Studi di Milano (University of Milan). It previously appeared … Continue reading

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