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Waugh Novels in a New “Trilogy”

In a paper posted on the website (described as “a community dedicated to helping writers of all experiences and backgrounds to have their work seen and read”), Huw Saunders proposes a new “trilogy” of books about Africa. Two of the books … Continue reading

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TV Series Previewed: Like Trainspotting Written by Evelyn Waugh

The Sunday Times has an interview of Benedict Cumberbatch and a preview of his new Patrick Melrose TV series. Cumberbatch both produced the series and plays the leading role. The books  were adapted for TV by David Nicholls who previously … Continue reading

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U and Non-U in TLS

The U and Non-U debate about social class distinctions that raged (if that’s the correct word) in the 1950s has resurfaced in the TLS. This appears in its N.B. column that is written by J. C. (believed to be James … Continue reading

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From Anatolia to Catalonia

A Turkish website which looks like a promotional books blog ( has posted a brief introduction and excerpt from the Turkish translation of A Handful of Dust (in Turkish Bir Avuç Toz). After a plot summary, the introduction continues: A … Continue reading

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Roundup: Waugh in Publishing

Amazon is offering a new book by London-based playwright and singer-songwriter Roy Smiles. This is entitled Waugh in Winter and is the text of a play which is built around Waugh’s persona. According to the book description: Waugh in Winter … Continue reading

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Long-Missing Waugh Letter for Sale

Peter Harrington Booksellers are offering the original of a 24 January 1958 letter from Evelyn Waugh to Nancy Mitford. The letter was published in full in the Christopher Sykes biography (Penguin, p. 525) but had gone missing when Charlotte Mosley … Continue reading

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Brexit, Flags and Travesties

Patrick Kidd in today’s issue of  The Times devotes his “Political Sketch” column to the Commonwealth Conference convened this week in London. He opens and closes with references to an Evelyn Waugh novel: Put out more flags. Evelyn Waugh took … Continue reading

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Waugh Underground

The digital/print magazine Mental Floss has reposted a 2016 story about Waugh’s contribution to the successful HBO TV series from the early 2000’s entitled Six Feet Under. This told the stories of a family in the funeral business. According to … Continue reading

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Message to Milligan

The following quote said to be taken from a volume of Letters of Note appeared recently in a Twitter post retweeted from 2015: The comic Spike Milligan had great admiration for Evelyn Waugh. Whether this was reciprocated in any way must … Continue reading

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Craig Brown’s 100 Favorites

The Daily Mail has published a list of humorist Craig Brown’s 100 favorite books. He explains that these are not necesarily his picks for “greatest” books but those he most enjoyed reading and would recommend to a friend. It is … Continue reading

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