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Advent Roundup

–The religious website Thinking Faith has posted an essay by Gerard Kilroy, who is, inter alia, co-editor of the recently published volume of Edmund Campion in the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh.┬áIn this essay, Kilroy explains in some detail the … Continue reading

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Labo[u]r Day Roundup

–Writing in the New┬á York Review of Books, Michael Gorra reviews novelist Zadie Smith’s latest book The Fraud. This is the lead article of this issue, and in it Gorra places the novel in the context of Smith’s other works … Continue reading

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–Novelist and biographer A N Wilson has published a detailed review of John Betjeman’s recently rebroadcast program Metroland. This appears in a recent issue of the Daily Mail. The BBC rebroadcast was mentioned in the previous Roundup. Wilson who was … Continue reading

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Cyril in Fiction: Roundup

–In his latest posting, Duncan Mclaren discusses yet another of Waugh’s friends. This time it is Cyril Connolly’s turn. McLaren looks at Cyril’s appearances in several of Waugh’s novels, at first obliquely as a name assigned to an unrelated character … Continue reading

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The Australian online journal Traveller.com has posted an article inspired by the latest (and final) series of Game of Thrones. That story is set in the imaginary Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and the article’s author Ute Junker moves from that … Continue reading

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Books: Waugh and Trump and Amis

This week’s New York Review of Books has as its lead review a book by Michael Lewis called┬áThe Fifth Risk. This is is about governmental dysfunction in the present USA administration and is reviewed by Fintan O’Toole, who opens with … Continue reading

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Score Settling Time

In the 12 July 2018 issue of the New York Review of Books, Max Hastings, former editor of the Daily Telegraph, reviews Hilary Spurling’s biography of Anthony Powell. This is not scheduled to be published in the USA until the … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Brexiteer?

In an article in the “pro-market” website┬áReaction, Alastair Benn considers why more artists do not support Britain’s exit from the EU. When he reviews where today’s writers come out on this subject, Evelyn Waugh’s name comes up: Although it might … Continue reading

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Alan Hollinghurst on Henry Green (and Evelyn Waugh)

Novelist Alan Hollinghurst has reviewed several of Henry Green’s novels (the first six, I believe) in New York Review of Books. This is in connection with the republication of Green’s books by the NYRB’s book subsidiary. In addition to the … Continue reading

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Waugh Introduces New Edition of Greek Poetry

References to Waugh’s novels are used to introduce a review of the first volume of a new edition of The Greek Anthology┬ápublished by Harvard University Press and The Loeb Library. The review is by Hayden┬áPelliccia and appears in a recent … Continue reading

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