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Early March Roundup

–Laura Freeman writing in the Daily Telegraph (27 February) surveys children’s books and discovers that one of her favorites has been rated as having a “really high difficulty level.” This is Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men series and she sees the … Continue reading

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Mid-October Roundup

–The US cable channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has announced two broadcasts of The Loved One in November and December. They have also published what look like they may be expanded program notes (by Jeff Stafford) for the occasion: In … Continue reading

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Early September Roundup

There is a diverse field of material covered in this latest roundup gathered from the last two weeks: —Quadrant Magazine, an Australian cultural journal, carries on its website a droll pleading (tongue lodged in cheek) from Tony Thomas that Decline … Continue reading

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Histories: A Movement and a Prize

This week’s issue of the National Review contains a brief article assessing the status of William F Buckley’s conservative movement 10 years after his death. This is by Charles Correll III and begins by defining the questions faced today by … Continue reading

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