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Remembrance Sunday/Armistice Day Roundup

–In another article about the proposed new Brideshead TV series, Alexander Larman wonders whether there might not be more deserving works of Waugh for adaptation. This is published in the latest issue of The Critic. After noting that it will … Continue reading

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Memoir of “The Loot”

David Platzer has written a memoir of his acquaintanceship with Stuart Preston who was well known during his military service days among Waugh and his friends in WWII London. The memoir, entitled “A Sergeant Abroad”, appears in the latest issue … Continue reading

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Peter Fleming’s War Career (More)

In the current New Criterion, D J Taylor reviews the recent biography of Peter Fleming, brother of Ian and friend of Evelyn Waugh. See previous post. Before addressing the contents of this biography, which covers his military career, Taylor discusses … Continue reading

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Waugh and Pre-Raphaelites at Yale

The New Criterion’s website has posted an article about an exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art entitled “Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts & Crafts Movement”. The article is written by Stephen Schmalhofer and opens with this: … Continue reading

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Otto Silenus Rides Again in New Criterion

The cutural journal New Criterion posts an editorial in its current issue relating to the recent announcement of a new Federal policy on architectural style. This is entitled “Decline, fall & rise: On ‘Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again’”. The article … Continue reading

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Halloween Roundup

–The London Review of Books in its latest issue has published an article by Rosemary Hill on the life and career of Auberon Waugh. This is entitled “Woof, woof” and includes a description of Auberon’s life from the time he … Continue reading

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End-of-the-Month Roundup

–Today’s New York Times has an article about people who choose to have portraits of their houses painted rather than photographed: While landscape portraiture became a common endeavor for artists centuries ago, homes were rarely the principal subjects of the … Continue reading

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Martin Green Reconsidered

Writing in the New Criterion, David Platzer reconsiders a 1976 book by Martin Green (1927-2010), late Professor at Tufts University. This is called Children of the Sun and is described by Platzer as a book about: the remarkable literary generation, … Continue reading

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Compton Mackenzie Reconsidered

In the wake of the recent New Statesman essay seeking to revive an interest in JB Priestley, the latest New Criterion has published one seeking to create a renewed interest in another neglected novelist of the same period. This is … Continue reading

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Henry Green, Enthusiasms, Tammy Faye, and Clarissa

The attempted revival of Henry Green’s works and reputation marches ever onward. The latest contribution is an article by Dominic Green (no likely relationship since Henry’s family name was Yorke) in the New Criterion. Green makes the case that Yorke … Continue reading

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