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Roundup: Waugh Venues and School Envy

–The American print media have finally discovered the news about the sale of Piers Court. A brief article appears in the New Yorker entitled “For Sale: Evelyn Waugh’s Manor House, 8 BR/24 Acres/1 Waugh-Obsessed Tenant”. This begins with a summary … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Roundup

–The Corydon (Indiana) Democrat recommends an Evelyn Waugh short story as a selection appropriate to be read on Valentine’s Day. This is “Bella Fleece Gives a Party”. The story will help the reader to “remember friends, loved ones” as is … Continue reading

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Early Summer Roundup: Promotions and Lists

Hertford College, Oxford, has prepared a gallery of its illustrious alumni for use on its promotional website. Waugh is the youngest of the 12 Old Hertfordians included. The unattributed entry is a well-presented summary of his writing career. It begins … Continue reading

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