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Positive Light on 2008 Brideshead Film

Several recent articles have reconsidered the much-maligned 2008 film adaptation of Brideshead Revisited in a relatively more positive light: –In a essay published in TLS earlier this month, Mikaella Clements writes about the theme of the “bath in twentieth century … Continue reading

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Waugh in Academia: Shanghai and Oxford

A paper relating to Waugh will be presented later this week at an academic conference in China. This is entitled “Hearing Voices: The Extended Mind in Evelyn Waugh’s The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold“. It will be offered on Saturday, 21 September … Continue reading

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Mid-September Roundup: Applause and Design

—The Times newspaper carries an excerpt from David Cameron’s new memoirs For the Record in which he recalls his education. After prep school and Eton, he discusses Oxford and concludes with this about his membership in the Bullingdon Club: I … Continue reading

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BBC “Great Lives” Revisited

In this week’s issue of The Tablet, columnist Christopher Howse revisits last December’s BBC Radio 4 broadcast of the series Great Lives in which Evelyn Waugh was the subject. See previous posts. Presenter Matthew Parris interviewed panelists Russell Kane, a … Continue reading

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Croatian Version of A Handful of Dust

The Zagreb-based publisher Mozaik Knjiga has issued a Croatian translation of Waugh’s novel A Handful of Dust. The Croatian title is Pregršt prašine and the translator is Petra Mrduljaš. The book is reviewed in the weekly Croatian national news magazine Nacional … Continue reading

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Early September Roundup

–Waugh biographer Selina Hastings has reviewed D J Taylor’s recent literary history Lost Girls in the Literary Review. See earlier posts. Her review concludes with this: In Lost Girls, Taylor presents a colourful portrait of this fascinating, sophisticated and highly … Continue reading

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Dystopias and Novellas

Novelist Robert Harris has written an essay in The Sunday Times about and extract from his new novel The Second Sleep that will be published next week in the UK (19 November in the USA). The novel is written in … Continue reading

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Waugh and The Brexlit Novel

The Australian literary journal Quadrant has posted an article entitled “Brexit and the Decline of the English Novel” in which a new genre of novel is described. This is the “Brexlit” novel and has already chalked up a number of … Continue reading

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Labor Day Roundup: Waugh by Design

–Bristol-based interior decorators Jane Clayton & Co have announced a new line of household fabrics called Marchmain. As described on their website: The decadence of a bygone era is evoked in this collection of richly coloured velvet and chenille woven … Continue reading

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Basil Seal Rides Yet Again

The Daily Telegraph has a review of a book entitled Master of Deception: The Wartime Adventures of Peter Fleming by Alan Ogden. This is about something called D Division (or “deception organization”) in the Inter-Services Liaison Department. Peter Fleming, Ian’s older … Continue reading

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