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Roundup: Divorce, Cults and Lost Cities

—The Guardian recently posted a selection of books on difficult marriages in its “Top 10s” column. It is not surprising that a book by Evelyn Waugh on this topic made the list. Here’s the entry by Elizabeth Lowry: 3. A … Continue reading

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Adaptations Abound

–In a recent issue of The Spectator, Chilton Williamson, Jr considers the success of the 1950s Perry Mason CBS TV series in light of today’s alternatives. Here’s the opening of the article: I was well into my thirties when my … Continue reading

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Waugh and the Abdication (More)

Alexander Larman’s new book The Crown in Crisis: Countdown to Abdication is reviewed in yesterday’s issue of The Times. The reviewer, David Aaronovitch, thinks Larman has overstated the seriousness of the issue, at least among the British public if not not the … Continue reading

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Wanted: Comic Novelists

Writing in the UK-based magazine The Critic, Alexander Larman bemoans the lack of comic novels in today’s literary marketplace. This is in an article entitled “Where is the Waugh or Wodehouse of our time? Comic writing: light distraction or social mirror?” … Continue reading

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Waugh Adaptations in TLS

The TLS has posted an essay by Alexander Larman (“Waugh on screen”) on its weblog. In it, he notes his concerns about the upcoming BBC adaptation of Decline and Fall and offers advice about how to avoid problems by looking at previous … Continue reading

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