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Weekend Roundup: Waugh in the Book Reviews

The Daily Telegraph reviews a book by Julie Summers entitled Our Uninvited Guests about the wartime use of British country houses to shelter evacuated refugees from the bombed out cities or provide military bases. The review is by Robert Leigh-Pemberton … Continue reading

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First Volume of Complete Essays, Articles and Reviews Now for Sale in USA

Volume 26 of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh: Essays, Articles and Reviews 1922-1934 is now for sale in the USA. This is a few weeks ahead of the previously announced USA release date of 1 May 2018. The book was … Continue reading

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Alec Waugh, Art Collector

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph profiled a little known artist named Cedric Morris (1889-1982) whose paintings seem to be enjoying a renewal of interest. The article in the Telegraph’s “Luxury: Art” column is by Colin Gleadell and explains that … Continue reading

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Spanish Versions of Waugh Recommended

An essay has been posted on the books blog of the Madrid-based free circulation newspaper called 20 Minutos. The story has been picked up by other Spanish language publications, including at least one in Mexico. This is by bookseller and … Continue reading

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West Virginian Poverty and African Diversity

Mark Sadd writing an opinion column in the Charleston (WVa) Gazette-Mail opens with this quote from Evelyn Waugh: “Ah, well,” wrote Evelyn Waugh, “to the journalist every country is rich.” And to the media, one can add, every West Virginian … Continue reading

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Happy Warriors to Broadcast

A London theater website ( has announced that a performance of Happy Warriors, the play about Evelyn Waugh and Randolph Churchill in WWII Yugoslavia, will be recorded for broadcast. In connection with this, tickets for the performance on Friday, 13 … Continue reading

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Yugoslavia and Ishmaelia

Dr Robert Hickson has posted another of his “essays” on Waugh’s life and works on the weblog These should not be mistaken for religious dicussions but are rather compilations of writings from Waugh’s works or memoirs of his contemporaries … Continue reading

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From African Kleptocracy to Spark’s Legacy

A feature length article in the Australian edition of the Spectator deals with the political flap over policy toward immigration of white South African farrmers into Australia. This is entitled “Kleptocracy on the Cape” by Thomas Jones and opens with … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 to Rebroadcast Waugh Short Story

Waugh’s short story “On Guard” will be rebroadcast in two parts next week on BBC Radio 4 Extra. The story was originally published in Harper’s Bazaar (London) in December 1934. It is included in Waugh’s 1936 collection Mr Loveday’s Little Outing … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: From Sword of Honour to Women of Knossos

In a recent issue of The Australian, Greg Sheridan writes about how his countrymen should deal with the shame of the recent cricket cheating scandal. This is entitled “National brand needs tending, not tears.” As an example of how the … Continue reading

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