Evelyn Waugh Studies 54.3 (Winter 2023) Posted

The latest volume of the Society’s thrice yearly journal Evelyn Waugh Studies,  No. 54.3 (Winter 2023) has been posted. Here is a description of its contents by the Society’s Secretary, Jamie Collinson:

This edition features a brilliant essay by Tim Nau on the names Waugh gave his characters. I think this is an underrated element of Waugh’s comic genius, and Nau – as Canada’s foremost expert on names – is ideally placed to bring it to light.

The edition also features Jeffrey Manley’s review of Modernism and the Aristocracy: Monsters of English Privilege, by Adam Parkes. This well-presented book takes a look at the impact of World War 1 and modernism on the lives of the English aristocracy, so of course features much discussion of Waugh’s work.

The journal is available at this link.

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