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Roundup: “The Death of a Modern Churchman”

–A literary website that encourages new writers (Culturedvultures.com) has posted a list of the 10 most absurd deaths in classic fiction. Among those selected is the death of Mr Prendergast in Waugh’s novel Decline and Fall: 8. DEATH BY SAW AND … Continue reading

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Blunted Sword

A review of Waugh’s Sword of Honour appears in the latest issue of the journal of the Augustine Institute Faith & Culture. This is by Joseph Pearce who is also editor of the Saint Austin Review. Here are some excerpts: …The … Continue reading

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Roundup: Brideshead Matters

In an article posted on National Catholic Register, Joseph Pearce considers whether education still matters and concludes that it should but doesn’t always manage. In order to matter, education must teach the truth as revealed in the wisdom of the … Continue reading

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Roundup: Brideshead Über Alles

Perhaps in connection with what was effectively the BBC’s 10th anniversary rebroadcast of the 2008 film adaptation of Brideshead Revisited earlier this week, there have been several discussions of the novel and the film on the internet: –An Australian Roman … Continue reading

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Brideshead Article Reprinted

The politically conservative journal Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture has posted a 2015 article by Roman Catholic journalist Joseph Pearce. The article, entitled “Revisiting Brideshead“, provides a concise and coherent restatement of the religious underpinnings of Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited. Particularly good, … Continue reading

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Hooper, Rex Mottram and Modern Education

 Author and journalist Joseph Pearce has published an essay about the shortcomings of modern education on The Imaginative Conservative weblog. This is a follow up to an earlier posting on G.K. Chesterton’s views relating to the same subject in which the importance of … Continue reading

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