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Smoke Signals from Waugh

Duncan McLaren has posted a lavishly illustrated photographic essay showing Waugh posing with pipe and cigar. Here’s a link. The pipe smoking photos seem to be post Oxford in the 1920s and the cigar smoking, post war. This leaves a … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Smoking and Contemplation

An essay on The American Conservative’s website, entitled “Why George Will is Wrong about Smokers”, opens with this: Smokers, George Will says, lack “common sense.” In a late December opinion column in the Washington Post, Will declared, “Filling one’s lungs … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Cigar Lover (more)

Waugh is frequently quoted on the enjoyment of Havana cigars, but the source of this quote has eluded your correspondent: “The most futile and disastrous day seems well spent when it is reviewed through the blue, fragrant smoke of a … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Cigar Lover

USA Today recently ran a story about renewed interest in the cigar industry following restoration of relations between the U.S. and Cuba. The story looks forward to the day when Cuban cigars will again become routinely available to U.S. smokers. In an effort … Continue reading

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