50th Anniversary Presentation of The Loved One

Two Los Angeles organizations earlier this month jointly sponsored a 50th anniversary showing of the 1965 film adaptation of Waugh’s The Loved One. This took place at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood on 7 December 2015. The sponsors were the American Cinematheque and the LA Conservancy Modern Committee (ModCom). A discussion before the film was lead by Robert Morse, the actor who portrayed Dennis Barlow in the film and who recently appeared as Bert Cooper in Mad Men.

A blogger (Beverly in Movieland) posted this contemporary comment on the event:

Even a simple listing of the cast of supporting characters—Jonathan Winters, Milton Berle, John Gielgud, Tab Hunter, and Liberace—hints at the skewed perspective [dark comedy] in this film. It has just had a major fiftieth-anniversary showing at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre, sponsored by the American Cinematheque along with the Los Angeles Conservancy’s committee on modernist architecture, which appreciates how this film features L.A.’s urban landscape on-screen.

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